Yanks get Pudge

Multiple sources are reporting that the Yankees have obtained Pudge Rodriguez straight up from the Tigers for Kyle Farnsworth. Assuming so, this would be good news for both Pudge and for Brandon Inge, who would become the everyday catcher in Detroit, and maybe even for Farnsworth, who never really was comfortable in New York. It’s bad news for Jose Molina, but that’s probably only important for those in 22-team AL East-only leagues!




Nice pick up….shocked that someone would take Farny, glad to have Pudge as he is a Type A free agent and if Cashman wants to risk tendering an offer Yanks can get two draft picks for him.

Manny to the Marlins, according to Baseball Prospectus

Manny to the Marlins?

All i can say is thank God Farnsworth has gone. It has helped the Yankees with Posada being out. Kyle don’t let the door hit you in the butt as you walk out the door.

Whats the fantasy impact of him moving to the Yankees?

Just as a heads up for the 411 community. With F.Rodney apparent disregard for “closer mentality,” T.Jones impending DL trip, and the rumors claiming J.Zumaya is being stretched out into a starter, it appears Farnsworth will be the closer once he joins the team on Thursday.

Of course this may last all of a week, at which point someone like F.Dolsi or A.Lopez will be the new closer in the D.

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