July 2008

Breaking News out of Atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!!

the white flag has been raised, nice knowing ya Tex.


The Braves put RHP Tim Hudson and 3B Chipper Jones on the DL, optioned LHP Jo-Jo Reyes and recalled Cs Jeff Bennett, Clint Sammons and RHP Charlie Morton.

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Xavier Nady clears waivers Tuesday evening just after 10 pm PST in my AL-only league and I have a #1 waiver priority burning a hole in my pocket.  Should I bite on the X-Man or hold out for something better coming across from the NL this season?

Thanks for the knowledge,

Scotty Mac                 
Seattle, WA

Hey Scotty Mac,

I’d hold off on using the top waiver priority on Nady.  There’s no doubt his fantasy value increases by moving to the Bronx and playing pretty much every day for the Yankees, but I do think he’s playing a little over his head right now.  Last year, Nady enjoyed similar success in the first half of the season (.291 AVG  14 HR  50 RBI) before dropping off after the All-Star break (.255 AVG  6 HR  22 RBI).  More importantly, with the July 31st trade deadline looming, I don’t view Nady as enough of a difference maker to risk losing out on guys like Mark Teixeira (Angels, Rays?), Jason Bay (Rays?) or Adam Dunn.  If you had the third or even second waiver priority I might think differently, but in a non-mixed league the #1 priority is just too valuable at this time of the season.

I’m in a 12-team, mixed, 5×5, H2H league.  It’s a non-keeper with 25-man rosters.  11 hitters, 9 pitchers and 5 bench spots.
For 3B, who’s the better option for the rest of the season?

Melvin Mora
Willie Harris
Chase Headley



Hey Josh,

I’ll say Mora with Headley a close second.  After hitting a miserable .190 in June, Mora’s raised his season batting average 20 points by hitting at a .325 clip in July to go along with five homers and 24 RBI.  Despite their poor record, the Orioles aren’t a bad offensive team, ranking 12th in the majors in runs scored and 9th in home runs, so Mora should provide decent fantasy value hitting in the middle of that lineup.  I also like Headley, who clearly has a higher upside than Mora.  But the Padres’ top prospect has been very inconsistent since getting called up in mid-June.  Headley’s in the midst of a 6 for 34 slump during which he has no homers and just one RBI.  Growing pains should be expected!  Both third basemen are by no means ideal options, but for the remainder of 2008 I have more confidence in Mora serving as an adequate contributor.

Zach Steinhorn 

Hey guys, I’m in a 12 team points league weekly roster locks. I just accepted a trade where I gave up James Shields and got James Loney. I currently have Votto, who is doing nothing for me as of late so I made a move for a bat with some pop in it. I’m using Baker from Colorado off the W.W. to fill in while the trade is pending. My other pitchers are Big Erv, Kazmir, Hudson, Saunders, Buchholz and K-Rod. In the missing SP spot, I think I’ll POD the best 2-start pitchers in the coming weeks. What do you guys think? I’m in second pushing for the lead.

Ed in Chicago

Hey Ed,

I like the move to snap up Loney. His September last season, when he hit .382 with nine homers and 32 RBIs, should be on the minds of fantasy owners looking for a power upgrade at first. You have a good first three starters with Erv, Kazmir and Saunders, but keep your eye on Hudson. He left his July 23 start with right elbow tightness, so he could be a major injury concern the rest of the way. Pitching and ditching is a fine attempt as pitching rotations on many non-playoff contending teams can constantly alter. You should have plenty of options.

I’m in the 2008 MLB Open. I won my division and I’m excited, but I do not want to make an early exit like my home boys the Angels usually do. So my question is who should I start for the week.  My choices are Jorge Cantu or Ryan Zimmerman at 3rd. Thanks again, take care, and love the show.

Adrian in Anaheim   

Yo Adrian,

Well, Zimmerman is 7-for-23 (.304) since returning from the DL on July 22, but he faces a Phillies team which he struggled against earlier this season (.143 AVG, .133 OBP) and last season (.222 AVG, 1 HR). Cantu has hit even better lately, batting .364 with a .940 OPS in his last five games. Better yet, all seven of Cantu’s games this week are at home, where he’s batting .313 with a .892 OPS on the season. All signs point to Cantu.

Kyle Stack


Show Blog for 7/28/08

Let’s take a closer  look at um closers now that we’ve had major shake up again.


Blue Jays: Ryan seems safe and has 4 saves in jays last 10 games

Orioles: Big George continues to rack em up but is he an Oriole on Friday? If not then look for Jim Johnson to get a shot.

Rays: Percival is back but for how long? Do rays go after a Street or Fuentes? Keep Balfour and Wheeler on radar.

Red Sox and Yanks: Nuff said


Indians: What a mess this year. Borowski, Kobayashi, Perez. Stay Away.

Tigers: See Indians. Rodney probably hangs on to this job as long as he is decent but can he be decent?

Royals: Soria is just flat out good.

Twins: Joe Nathan is right there with Pap, Mo and K-Rod.

White Sox: Jenks has dealt with injuries and Linebrink is on DL, do they go after help as insurance for Jenks?


Angels: Amazing Amazing considering we thought he was in big trouble health wise in April.

A’s: Casilla, Devine, Ziegler??? Who knows but I think we’d be more surprised if Street isn’t dealt then if he is. Tough call.

Rangers: CJ is this years Jones and Borowski, just finds a way to survive and keep the job.Like Cory said he’s only blown 3 saves.

Mariners: Getting interesting with the Morrow may become a starter news and M’s not positive Putz can close rest of season. Indians and Tigersesque just with way more talent.


Braves: Gonzalez hasn’t had a save since July 18th.

Marlins: Fish are in closer market and have chips to get anyone.

Mets: Wagner showing why he is still one of the best even if it takes Maalox.

Phillies: Lidge good.

Nationals: Hanrahan no save ops since rauch left, told ya.


Astros: Valverde getting it done with a blowup here and there. He’s fun to watch and infuriating at same time.

Brewers: Melvin says they are done giving away blue chippers so Sheets and CC better not let Torres blow this thing. Might be able to pull a fast one though for a closer.

Cards: NL version of 06 World Series opponents.

Cubs: Wood will be back but the WR from Notre Dame was worth #3 waiver claim to me anyway.

Pirates: Grabow and Yates no save opps since the Marte deal.

Reds: Coco be Coco.


D-backs: Lyon gets killed in Dodger series. Rauch time may be close.

Dodgers: Broxton may never see the 8th inning again unless its for a 4-6 out save.

Giants: Hasn’t been pretty but Wilson is 5-5 this month.

Padres: 6-6 in July for Hells Bells.

Rockies: Only a handful of games out in pathetic NL West, may become buyers and keep Fuentes, but Corpas has been outstanding in July (1.74 ERA).



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Hey Guys,

In my 5×5, Mixed, 12-team, keeper, I’m about 18 pts out of first, but can gain a lot of points at SB, K’s, ERA and WHIP.  Do either of these deals make sense?
– I trade A-Rod and Tejada and get Miguel Cabrera, Sabathia, and BJ Upton
– I trade A-Rod for Jose Reyes and Hamels
My other bats are Carlos Lee, A-Ram, Dye, Thome, Delgado, Ludwick, etc.  Good deals?  Which one?

Adam T in Chicago

Hey Adam,

I really like the first deal as you’re getting a lot more value in return.  Any trade in which you give up the top overall fantasy player is tough to accept, but this is the kind of package that gets it done.  Although replacing A-Rod with Cabrera at 3B is a downgrade (I’m assuming you play A-Ram at CI or Util?) let’s note that Cabrera’s still among the top five at his position and is on an absolute tear right now, batting .329 with 6 homers and 23 RBI in the month of July.  Third base is the only spot where you take a hit, albeit a relatively small one.
As far as the rest of the deal goes, it’s a flat out steal!  Though Tejada is posting above average overall numbers for a shortstop, he’s really regressed at the plate, especially of late.  Since the beginning of June, Tejada’s batting .215 with four homers and just 8 RBI, this while playing his home games in an extreme hitter’s park.  You might want to swing another trade for a decent replacement at shortstop, but don’t shed any tears over the loss of Tejada.

If  SB, K’s, ERA, and WHIP is what you need, that’s exactly what you get in Upton and CC.  While Upton’s average and power numbers have dropped significantly from last year, his 30 steals already eclipse last season’s total of 22.  He’s a top notch keeper in any format.  Sabathia has been flat out dominant since joining the Brewers, winning all four of his starts to go along with a 1.36 ERA and 0.85 WHIP.  CC could very well be the most valuable fantasy starting pitcher from now through the end of the season.

What makes this trade even more appealing is that you’ll be replacing one keeper (A-Rod) with potentially three (Cabrera, Upton, Sabathia).  I have a hard time thinking of any reason for not pulling the trigger, so do it now!

Zach Steinhorn      

Keep Rocking the Post Show Post But Check This Out. (Jeff Samardzija )

the Cubs have recalled RHP Jeff Samardzija from Triple-A Iowa. He will wear No. 29.


On Thursday, they placed RHP Kerry Wood on 15-day DL



This news led me to e-mail MLB.com Cubs Reporter Carrie Muskat, here is our exchange.




Any thoughts on how Jeff will be used or is this just a get a taste of the big leagues kid type of thing since Kerry may just do the minimum?




Totally in relief (don’t believe reports that he’s going to start). and it may be short if wood is ready by tuesday. that said, lou does like hard throwing pitchers, so if samardzija does well, he could stick for a while

I’m thinking it will be short term





Post Show Blog For 7/25/08

Quick Programming Note: We will do a bonus show from 5-5:30pm ET on Thursday July 31st to break down any trades or non trades after the non waiver deadline passes which is at 4pm ET, but we want to give it an hour to settle a little. Looking forward to it.


Good discussion today on what the 1st and 2nd rounds may look like in 2009, but lots of games to be played before we know for sure and like Cory says after pick #2 it’s a free for all.


Zach will be posting POD for Sunday and Monday soon so let’s get to your questions and comments.


Bring It!!!!


POD for Sunday and Monday


Here are Cory and Mike’s picks:


Pitch:  Vazquez, Marcum, Big Erv, Eveland (Miike says YES, Cory NO), Lester, Lohse, Johan, Ubaldo, Campillo, Blanton (do yourself a favor and don’t watch this one!), Peavy, Maholm, Unit, Zito (makes a brief escape from Club DTM), Kershaw


Pitch:  Dice-K, Guthrie, Shields, Burnett, Buehrle, Greinke, Smith, Maine, Nolasco, Lilly, CC, Cueto, Oswalt, Maddux, Kuroda

Unread for 7/24

Hey guys,
Who will be better the rest of the way in a standard league taking all categories into account, Shaun Marcum, or Matt Cain?

Also, do you think Victor Martinez will have any value this year?
Toronto, Canada

Hey David,

I’ll take Marcum.  I know he looked awful in his last outing against the Orioles, but considering it was his first start off the DL, you’ve got to chalk it up to rust.  Marcum very quietly has pitched dominantly all season, posting a 3.05 ERA, 1.06 WHIP, and an 89 to 30 K/BB ratio.  In fact, before Tuesday, Marcum had allowed two or fewer runs in 11 of 15 starts.  Although I’ve always been a big fan of Cain, who has performed much better of late (2.67 ERA  1.26 WHIP in July), he’s failed to show the kind of consistency you’d like to see from an upper echelon starter.  The good news for Cain is that he’s striking out close to a batter per inning (126 K in 132 1/3 IP).  But as long as you’re not desperate for strikeouts, I’d go with Marcum due to his all around dependability.

As for V-Mart, he’s said to be making progress in his rehab, but has yet to resume baseball activities.  Figure it’ll be at least a month before Victor returns.  I view this situation a lot like Travis Hafner’s.  With the Indians out of contention, don’t be shocked if they eventually decide to shut these guys down.  That said, if you have an open DL spot, stash Martinez until further notice.  But keep your expectations in check.

Zach Steinhorn 


Tyra loves the 411!

One of the people in the picture below is an Emmy Award-winning television personality responsible for some of the most entertaining and memorableTyra.jpg moments in recent daytime television memory… and also a big fan of the Fantasy 411. Not to mention extremely well-dressed!

The other one is former SI swimsuit model and all-around good lookin’ woman Tyra Banks.

OK, so maybe I exaggerated just a little bit, but congrats to our friend Paulie Walnuts, who does indeed work with the Tyra Banks show, on taking home a Daytime Emmy Award! Paulie can you get me booked on the show to talk a little fantasy baseball with Tyra? I promise to be a perfect gentleman!

The dream is alive my friends, keep livin’ it…



Post Show Blog For 7/24/08

So Cory and I got into it this morning because he is a rude jerk and didn’t want to recognize that Gardenhire being so non-chanlant to Kelly Thesier yesterday about Liriano’s dominance says something. Click here for story. This is my revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I do have a personal interest that is selfish and fantasy related but isn’t that what this is all about?????


Let’s get your thoughs and questions in here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!