July 2008

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Unreads for 7/7

I am in a ten team mixed keeper league and have been offered the following trade:

I get Holliday and Aramis for Pujols.

I am hesitant about letting go of Pujols.

Malik in AZ

Hey Malik,

In most cases, I subscribe to the “Don’t give up the best player in the deal” theory.  But this offer is just too good to reject.  Sure losing Albert hurts.  Remember all those preseason injury concerns?  I think it’s safe to say we can put them to rest!  Over the course of his career, Pujols has been the model of consistency, never having batted below .314, hit less than 32 homers, or knocked in fewer than 103 runs in any season.  Pujols could very well be the consensus #1 pick on Draft Day 2009.  It would take a monster package for me to consider dealing him.  Holliday and A-Ram fit that description.

Following his tremendous 2007 campaign, Holliday’s been a bit of a disappointment through the first half of 2008.  But he’s still hitting .343 and on pace for 26 homers and 99 RBI, this despite missing two weeks due to injury and hitting in an underperforming Rockies’ lineup.  If last year tells us anything, Holliday could be on the verge of a power surge, as 21 of his 36 homers came after the All-Star break.  Expect at worst early second round level production going forward.

Aramis Ramirez is certainly no throw in.  The Cubs third baseman is among the elite at his position and pretty much a lock to give you 25 homers, 100 RBI, and around a .300 average.  Playing his home games in the “friendly confines” only makes him more appealing.

In return for arguably the best player in fantasy, you’re getting two top notch bats.  And since this is a keeper league, you’d be acquiring two keepers in exchange for one.  Accepting this offer will provide great depth for both the present and the future!

Zach Steinhorn              

Hey guys, great shows these past few days.  I’m in a 20 team mixed H2H keeper, 7×7, with 30 man rosters.  We only keep 3 per year and the extra categories are OPS and hitters K, along with Holds and K/9.  I’m first in the league as it is right now, as I drafted aging players trying to win this year.  I’m scared to tinker with the team, but I see a very good offer on the table and I think it’ll help me.  I’m only up by .5 games, however.
I would be giving up Carlos here comes the Pena, Andy I’m walking on Sonnanstine, and Franklin Guttierez, and I would be receiving David Ortiz.  I would probably pick up Cha Seung Baek, and Scotty Hariston (unless you feel that Tadahito or Hafner would be better pickups).  Do you guys think I should do this?  I do feel that Pena will start coming around, and I’ve seen Gutierrez’s talent and am reluctant to give up on him.  As it stands right now, my keepers are Ichiro, Corey Hart, and Derrek Lee, so I could use someone else to keep, but if I did get Ortiz who would I keep him over?
Thanks for all the help guys

Alex in Tampa

Hey Alex,

I’d search for a hitter other than Ortiz. He last played on May 31, and is still on the disabled list with a partially torn ECU tendon sheath in his left wrist. The true extent of the injury might not have been revealed, since Ortiz stated on June 3 that he would be able to return to playing after about three weeks. Well, it’s been four weeks and he has just started to do some soft tossing. It seems that he and the Red Sox are targeting a return date after the All-Star break, but who knows how effective he will be after dealing with a serious wrist injury?

Frankly, Pena could produce just as well as Ortiz for the remainder of the season. Pena has three multi-hit games since returning from the DL on June 27, and he has two home runs and eight RBIs in his last four games. A look back at his 46-homer, 121-RBI campaign last year shows that 29 of those homers and 76 of the RBIs were accrued from July through September. The guy can mash, and the 30-year-old is a better keeper option than Ortiz, who turns 33 in November.

I would take a flier on Hafner, another designated hitter with injury concerns. His extensive shoulder problems might be the sign of a player in decline, but what do you have to lose by picking him up from the waiver wire? He is being evaluated by the Indians every 7-10 days, without a specific timetable for his return. Even if he doesn’t work out, you assume little risk with the reward of a player who hit 24 homers and drove in 100 runs a year ago possibly finding his stride with the aid of improved health. At least search for a healthy impact bat if you decide to eventually package Pena/Sonnanstine/Gutierrez.

Kyle Stack


Fav 5 for this week

This week’s category is Fav 5 Quotes.  Let’s hear them!  We’ll pick some of these to read on Tuesday’s show. 

POD for Saturday-Monday

Here are Mike’s Picks:


Pitch: Lilly, Lohse, G. Floyd, Maine, Laffey, Greinke, Sonnanstine, Harang, Halladay, Lackey, Galarraga, Peavy, Davis


Pitch: Volquez, Shields, Harden, Danks, Lee, Cook, Chamberlain, Cain, Johnson, Stults


Pitch: Garza, Dice-K, Eveland, Pedro (extreme caution), Big Erv, Maddux, Campillo, Kuroda

Unread for 7/2

Can I get your blessing on this trade?

12 team mixed league head to head. I just pulled the trigger on a trade where I gave Abreu and Dice-K and get Kinsler. I needed help at second base. Did I pay too much? I have Beckett as my ace and Shields as my number two. What do you guys think?

Reese in Dallas

Hey Reese,

Well, I like Ian Kinsler (who doesn’t at this point?), but I’m not sure if I can give my blessing on the trade. I obviously don’t know the second basemen on the waiver wire in your league, but Placido Polanco (.317 AVG, 42 runs) and Kelly Johnson (44 runs, 35 RBIs, seven HRs and SBs) are there for the taking in one of my main 12-team mixed head-to-head leagues. Neither player can match the production of Kinsler, but they are the types of safe options fantasy owners strangely overlook. Kinsler, who is hitting .324 with 13 home runs and 23 steals, is arguably a top-three fantasy second baseman this season (along with Chase Utley and Dan Uggla), but how much did his acquisition deplete your outfield and starting pitching?

You mention that you have Beckett and Shields as starters. Those two are fantastic starters, but who is your third option? Chances are you’re going to need at least one more productive starter to challenge for a league title. Dice-K struggled on June 21 in what was his first outing coming back from a strained rotator cuff, but he allowed just two hits in five scoreless innings on June 27. His experience from last season’s second-half debacle, in which he posted a 5.19 ERA and a 1.45 WHIP, might benefit him this time around. He’ll probably know how much better he can pace himself through innings and between starts, so he should be a consummate No. 3-type starter in a format such as your league.

Bobby Abreu’s numbers are strong across the board (.283 AVG, 10 HRs, 53 RBIs, 11 SBs), but I imagine you have some other outfield options to cover yourself.

A 12-team league is small enough that there are always going to be some interesting players on the wire, so I don’t think it was a bad move that you traded Dice-K and Abreu for Kinsler. I just wonder if you might have compromised your outfield and starting pitching depth for the satisfaction of taking care of second base when you might have been able to find a competent second baseman on the wire. In the end, though, acquiring a major impact player like Kinsler is sometimes the difference between contending for a playoff spot and contending for a title. Keep your eyes on your league’s wire so that you can plug in any holes in your outfield or on your pitching staff.

Kyle Stack

411 Chat from Tuesday

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Fav 5 Baseball Memories

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Cory’s Picks

5. 2/28/2000 – MIN @ BAL – Grandfather’s last baseball game
4. 6/22/86 – CHC @ NYM – Favorite player Ron Cey homered

3. 9/04/93 – CLE @ NYY – Jim Abbott’s no-hitter

2. 5/17/98 – MIN @ NYY – David Wells’ perfect game

1. 10/31/01 & 11/1/01 – Gm. 4 & 5 of 2001 W.S.


Stern’s Picks

5. 2004 Postseason – Red Sox run to World Series win

4. 10/19/1999 – ATL @ NYM – Ventura’s Grand Slam Single on b-day

3. 09/18/2006 – Covering the Mets division title on field

2. 9/04/93 – Indians at Yankees – Jim Abbott’s no-hitter

1. 9/21/01 – ATL @ NYM – Mike Piazza’s HR


Siano’s Picks

#5 Mattingly final regular season home at bat 9/24/95 *doubles

#4 Gooden no-no on May 14, 1996

#3 Boone homer Gm 7 of ’03 ALCS

#2 Piazza homer after 9/11

#1 Leyritz Gm 2 of ’95 ALDS walkoff

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