August 2008

POD for Sunday-Tuesday


Brandon McCarthy is set to make his return to the bigs on Tuesday…and he’s already earned POD consideration.                                                                                                       


Pitch:  Galarraga, Halladay, Pettitte, Floyd, Shields, Millwood (gamble), Lackey, Baker, G. Smith (gamble), Cain, Arroyo, Pedro, Jurrjens (slumping), CC, Wellemeyer and Wandy (both gambles), Zambrano, Lowe, Webb


Pitch:  Verlander (risky), Danks, Lee, Jason Johnson, Johan, Sheets, Oswalt, Unit, Young (if healthy), Maddux


Pitch:  Saundo(slumping), Lester, Mussina, Garza, McCarthy (gamble), Greinke, Hamels, Dempster, Parra, Lincecum, Wainwright, Petit, Kershaw (gamble)

Labor Day weekend blog

Hey folks, hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend planned, with lots of the Three B’s: baseball, barbeque and beer! Well, that last one only gp1_david_price.jpgoes for those of you in 411 land who have attained legal drinking age, and even then only if you are drinking responsibly and have a designated driver.🙂

Anway, rosters expand on Monday so maybe then we’ll finally get a look at David Price or some of the other top prospects in the minors. Brandon Wood and Travis Snider are up already so hopefully more talent will follow.

In the meantime, post your questions, comments, thoughts, opinions, rants and raves here and we’ll respond throughout the day and the weekend. Have a great one… be safe, be smart, and have fun!


P.S. — Keep those Facebook fan requests coming but please make sure to identify yourself as a 411 fan so we know who you are!


Post-Show Blog for 8/28/08

Pretty boring day when Mark Kotsay heading to the Red Sox is the big story.  Well at least the guy is tied (with Willie Harris) for the major league lead in one category…cycles.  Does that make him fantasy relevant?  Maybe…if you’re in a 40×40 league.

But the good news is that we don’t have to talk about Mark Kotsay here!  The 411 crew is ready to take your questions.


Fave Five Ways to Break Up with Someone


5. “Mike and Cory don’t approve of you”

4. “You deserve better than me”

3. “I don’t have time, need to concentrate on my career”

2. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship”

1. “It’s not you, it’s me”


“I think you’d be a terrible mother to my children”

“My career is more important”

“When I’m with you I fell like I have a plastic bag on my head”

“I promised myself I’d never marry my mother”

“It’s not you, it’s me”

Post-Show Blog for 8/27/08

Zach here again,

Just days after we ridicule J-Roll for almost single-handedly ruining Siano’s fantasy feud week, he puts up a five-hit game, earning him the prestigious Viagra Performer of the Night award!  Go figure.  Maybe I’ll now start bashing all the guys who are underperforming on my teams and hope for a similar result.

Anyway, you know the drill.  Post your questions and we’ll get back to you.


Post-Show Blog for 8/26/08

Hey everyone,

Subbing in for Mike and Cory today so get your questions in and we’ll all give our responses throughout the afternoon.  “Fave Five ways to break up with someone” will be up on the blog tomorrow.

Also, if anyone’s interested in the results of the National Youth Baseball Championships, visit this site

Fire away!


Updated Feud Standings


Sterno leads the feud for the first time all season while Siano can blame Rollins’ 2 for 25 week  for dropping him down to second place.


Stuff and nonsense – 8/22

Hey folks sorry I haven’t been posting as much the last couple of days but with Siano out and my “day job” demanding a lot of time I haven’t been able to do much. But I’ve tried to check the comments here and there and reply to some questions when I can, so be patient with me! Anyway…

Todd in St. Louis asked on another thread if there was any resource that lists sortable player stats over multiple seasons so you can see who’s most likely to have a big September. The fine folks at have player game logs and splits for each season but not sortable, so instead check out
this (zipped) Excel file, which includes batting and pitching stats for each player for each month since 1999. For example, here are the only players who have posted a 1.000+ OPS in September in each of the last three seasons:

Ryan Howard

David Ortiz

Yep, that’s it… two whole guys. Although, to be fair, a lot of other guys have done it in each of the last two seasons. But as a Ryan Howard owner in NFBC, who badly needs RBI’s to jump from our current fourth place standing to the last “money spot” of third place, I hope this trend continues again in 2008!

By comparison, and just to point out how unpredictable and unreliable pitchers are, there is not a single pitcher in baseball who has had an ERA under 3.00 in 20 or more innings in each of the past three months of September. Not one! How lame.

Anyway, I ran this report yesterday so August ’08 statFight.jpgs are through and including games of August 20. I hope this helps you all down the stretch!

Finally, a very happy birthday today to my former college roommate and good friend Matt Roy, a devoted White Sox fan and all-around fine gentleman. Just for fun, here’s a nice picture of an NHL player by this name getting slugged around by a fellow goon.

Have a great weekend!



POD for Sunday-Monday



Pitch:  Dice-K, Burnett, Sonnanstine, Buehrle, Slowey, Big Erv, King Felix, Anthony Reyes (gamble!), Perez, Maholm, CC, Looper (chase win), Harden, Cueto and Ubaldo (both gambles), Nolasco, Kuroda (close your eyes and hope for the best)


Pitch:  Galarraga, Meche, Weaver, Liriano, Lilly, Snell (HUGE gamble), Billingsley, Myers, Pelfrey, Haren, Peavy, Francis (gamble), Cain

Unreads for 8/19

Hey Guys,

In the last week or so I’ve lost both Carlos Lee and Ian Kinsler.  I am in first place in a vanilla H2H league and I will probably limp into the playoffs, but I will need serious help replacing Kinsler.  I’ve held on to Furcal ever since he also got hurt. Any chance he returns for any of the last month?  Also, any waiver wire guys or Sept. callups you think could be a band-aid at middle infield?  If possible, I’d like to especially replace the steals I would’ve gotten from Kinsler.


Steve in Madison            

Hey Steve,

Tell me about it!  I own Kinsler in all four of my leagues and am currently scrambling to find decent alternatives.  The bottom line is that no one on the waiver wire will even come close to matching Kinsler’s across the board production.  But there are some who can at least address certain areas.  If, for some reason, Ty Wigginton is available, grab him.  He can equal if not exceed Kinsler’s power production and is hitting over .300.  Unfortunately, speed is not part of Wigginton’s package, and if stolen bases are your biggest need, the options are less than appealing.  The two fastest guys available in any of my leagues (two 12 team and two 13 team) are Jason Bartlett and Jerry Hairston Jr.  Both have their faults, however.  Hairston isn’t even an everyday player while Bartlett hasn’t stolen a single base since returning from a two week absence due to a knee injury.  Other less category specific possibilities, all of whom are regulars, include Jed Lowrie, Erick Aybar, and the hot hitting Asdrubal Cabrera.  Also keep an eye on Alexi Casilla, who’s expected to come off the DL and return to the Twins’ lineup on Thursday.  As for Furcal, he has resumed baseball activities and eyes a September 1st return.  Although this date might be a bit ambitious, stay patient.  It looks like you’ll get at least a couple of weeks out of him down the stretch.

Zach Steinhorn

I’m in a 10 team head to head league with 14 categories (R, HR, RBI, TB, SB, AVG, OBP, SV, Ks, Holds, ERA, WHIP & K/9) The trade deadline is this week and I’ve got some great keepers to trade for some big guns to bolster my team for the playoffs. I’m wondering who I should be offering and who I should be planning on keeping. We get to keep three players. Undrafted players are keepable in the last round of the draft.

Lance Berkman – 4th round
Carlos Quentin – undrafted
Alexei Ramirez – undrafted
Evan Longoria – 16th round
Tim Lincecum – 9th round
Francisco Liriano – 17th round

I’m leaning towards keeping Quentin, Longoria & Lincecum but Alexei Ramirez & Berkman are hard to imagine trading or letting go of for next season’s draft.

I’d love to trade Liriano and Guillen (my SS) for Reyes or Hanley who are both on teams who are out of contention but I’m not sure this will get it done.


Andras Jones     

Hey Andras,

I advise keeping Quentin, Longoria and Berkman, not Lincecum. I’m as big a fan as any of the ferocious right hander, but you have to go with all hitters since you are entitled to so few keepers. Berkman might be on the wrong side of 30, but I think he’s one of the ten most reliable hitters in the game. He’s averaged 36 doubles, 32 homers and 108 RBIs every season in which he’s received more than 400 at-bats and he could realistically maintain that streak for at least a couple more seasons. I just can’t advise giving up that sort of offensive production for a pitcher, even if it’s a flamethrower like Lincecum.

As for the Liriano/Guillen package, Reyes could arguably be dealt for that duo considering his stolen bases have declined this season. He’s at 40, but it’s hard to imagine he can even reach his 64-steal total from 2006, much less the 78 base swipes he accumulated last season. Liriano/Guillen is not enough to get Hanley, but perhaps a Lincecum/Alexei Ramirez trade could entice Hanley’s owner. Remember, there’s been talk that Alexei could move to shortstop next season.

Kyle Stack