Here Comes Liriano????


looks like he could take the pill tonight or at worst Sunday. Rejoice and about freaking time!!!!!!


The release just came out, he has been called up and Livan was released. Rejoice Siano, Rejoice!!

Now let’s all hope he doesn’t bomb again!

12 team mixed vanilla w/ 27 man rosters. Should Hafner be cut at this point? I have 2 DL spots with Adam LaRoche, Garciaparra and Hafner hurt. Thoughts? Thanks Guys, keep up the great work

Hafner’s best case scenario is probably returning by the end of the month, but there’s still a chance he could be done for the year. Nomar isn’t expected to be out that long but what are the odds this turns into something bigger and HE is done for the year? It’s a toss-up between those two. LaRoche might be out for a while too but at least he was hot when he got hurt so he’s the most likely of the three to help you if/when any of them actually play.

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