POD for Sunday-Monday


Pitch:  Lackey, Dice-K, Galarraga, Shields, Greinke, Olsen (a gamble), Sheets, Campillo, Cueto (another gamble), Maine, Zambrano, Young, Myers (Yeah, you read it right!)

MONDAY (some starters have yet to be announced)

Pitch:  Lee, Garza, Chamberlain, Buchholz (last chance), Meche (red hot!), Saunders (Saundo!), Dempster, Parra, Arroyo, Haren, Jurrjens, Cain


For weekly league…what is your thoughts on Josh Johnson (@PHI & @NYM)

vs. Single start Baker @SEA; Petit v. ATL; Volstad @PHI or Purcey v.CLE; or….relievers M. Gonzalez @SF@ARI; Marmol v.HOUv.STL;Morrow vMINv.TB

BDH, I’d stick with Mike Gonzalez unless you absolutely don’t need a closer. Otherwise I’d probably go for Baker for the single start… two-start weeks are nice, but at Mets/Phils is a tough tandem and I’d stay away. It’s better to leave good stuff on the bench then it is to have blowups in your lineup.

If you are picking up one to stash on the bench in a deep league:

Anibal Sanchez or Clayton Kershaw.

Club DTM getting less and less crowded now.

Dan, Myers might be skipping a few velvet rope events but his booth hasn’t been given up just yet…

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