Tout Faabaganza and Post Show Blog for 8/1/08

If you have been following Tout this year the crew is holding it’s own. Alex “The Kid” Cushing is leading mixed by 2pts this morning. I am in 2nd in AL Only and just made two blockbusters to catch Sam Walker (Net Trade is I get Kendrick, Youkilis, Edwin jackson and Darrel Rasner for Cliff Lee, Dice-K, Brooks Conrad, Wes Bankston and Bryan LaHair, I have 54.5 pithcing points and 32 hitting) and Cory is sturggling some in NL but he is still the master. Anyway last night was a 3 hour open window to bid on guys that changed leagues. Obviously AL had a barn full of names, but Manny at least injected life into the NL side. below are the results. 


Mark Teixeira: Moyer 92

Jason Bay: Sheehan 74

Xavier Nady: Wilton 53

Ken Griffey: Latkin 48

Damaso Marte: Siano 16 *was willing to overpay for a possible 2-5 saves and ERA and WHIP help.

Ron Mahay: Siano 6 *You could see Mahay clear waivers and get dealt. Both Mahay and Marte were being bid on by Sam Walker so two less guys for him makes a man feel good.

Shawn Riggans: Siano 0 *have to cut jose molina, don’t ya love non-mixed?

DJ Carrasco: Walker 0

Darren Oliver: Wilton 0


Manny Ramirez: Collette 58

Casey Kotchman: Pianowski 57

Casey Blake: Becker 56

Anibal Sanchez: Van Riper 46 (wow)

Brandon Moss: Kreutzer 44 (wow wow)

Craig Hansen: Melnick 11

Kory Casto: Colton/Wolf 4

Jeff Karstens: Van Riper 3

JJ Happ: Melnick 0

Nick Masset: Melnick 0

Sergio Romo: Walton 0

Mike Lincoln: Walton 0

Brian Bixler: Walton 0

Garrett Mock: Van Riper 0

Arthur Rhodes: Leibowitz 0

Henry Blanco: Colton/Wolf 0

Denny Bautista: Schwartz 0




I only had $39 so I didn’t have a shot at getting any of the big imports. That’s what you get when a third of your lineup goes on the DL at the start of the season and you have to bid heavy to get John Bowker, Reed Johnson and Jesus Flores.

How much does it stink to have $58 take Manny, and your $57 to only get you Kotchman…

Yesterday was my leagues trading deadline. 12 team mixed vanilla. You can keep 3 with 3 year contracts. I am in first by a slim margin. The guys in 2nd & 3rd traded Arod & David Wright respectively. Both can be kept for two more years. They got a boatload of help from the bottom teams looking to get top keepers. I jumped in to make a splash to keep pace.

I am near the top in HR, R, RBI & top in SB by 50 steals. I am near the bottom in BA and my pitching is solid. Here is the net of two major trades, please let me know what you think.

Out: Conor Jackson
In: Miguel Cabrera
Out: BJ Upton
IN: Howie Kendrick

Out: Victorino
In: Matt Holliday

Out: Evan Longoria
In: Casey Kotchman (Have Mike Jacobs, Jay Bruce, Adam LaRoche on the bench)

Out: Rich Harden
In: Volstad

My SP will be: Sabathia, Lackey, Randy Johnson, Danks, Gallaraga w/ Kershaw, Cueto & Volstad on the bench.


Sanchez going for that much suprises me as well as Casey Blake. Manny not so much, Nady is a little higher than expected but he should be in my opinion good value.

Need 411 help. Keeper league only one keeper. I trade Evan Longoria and Chris Carpenter for David Wright. I’m playing for this season and can’t keep Wright. Other team is rebuilding and can Keep Longoria but not Carpenter. Is this a fair deal? I’m getting a lot of objection from other owners (mostly the two teams I’m chasing).

To: The Opposite Field

If Carpenter can’t be kept, I would do this in a heartbeat.


Love your net for 1B, 2B and OF, not so much for UT and SP, but guess what? You have to give up soemthing to get soemthing I think you did well……Siano

Opposite Field that is totally a fair deal tell them to shut up because the rock said so……….Siano

Hey Guys,
I Need your blessing on this one. 16 team league 5*5 (non keeper). I’m 5th. I just traded Brad Hawpe for Joba. I’m 1st in RBI’s, 2nd in HR, but my SP is awful. I’m 2nd to last in Wins, and in the lower tier in ERA and WHIP. I have lost McGowan for the season and my SP until now were just Marcum, Verlander, and Burnett. I have Rios,Hart,and Hamilton in the OF and was mainly using Hawpe at UTIL against RHP. To replace him at this spot, I have Hermida or Davis currently on my bench. I can also pick up Adam Lind, or Jay Bruce of the WW. Is that a good trade?.
2nd and 3rd questions at the same time: I also picked up Phil Hugues and put him on my DL spot. Any chance for him to pitch before the end of the season?. And is Kershaw a good option do improve the Starting staff as he is also on the WW?

Fred in France

Thanks for reminding me to check the blog on the show today, Mike. Sometimes I forget. It’s getting better and better every day. The Tout Wars prices will be very helpful in figuring out what to bid in my leagues this weekend.
When you fielded my IM today, all of you remembered that Casey is still on the hook for Smith and Wollensky’s the next time I’m in the city. Well, amigos, it just so happens that Monday is my birthday AND I’ll be in town. Should I just meet you guys at the restaurant or should I swing by the office?
Looking forward to a medium-rare filet with a side of fantasy baseball chatter . . .
Dave in Delaware

Fred in France, it’s a gamble, but Joba has been awesome in the rotation so far and Hawpe is a garden variety corner OF slugger, and since you are deep in those categories, it’s a very good gamble. I like it.
Hughes may be back in September but you can’t rely on him for anything at this point… strictly a lottery ticket. Kershaw was very impressive his last time out and will ctoninue to improve, so he’s definitely worth grabbing given your needs. Good luck!

Hey CS

12 team mixed: I have Gavin Floyd & W. Rodriguez as my 5th/6th SPs, but would you replace either of them with one of these available SP’s: K, Slowey, J. Sanchez, J. Campillo, or P. Maholm?

Thanks. NS

NS, I like Campillo over Wandy… Floyd keeps gettin’ it done but Wandy has become a little inconsistent for my tastes. The home/away thing has started to even out, but the problem is, he’s not the sure thing at home that he used to be!

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