Trade Dilemma


I’m in a bit of a (fantasy) pickle.

I’m Alex Cushing and I represent in mixed Tout Wars. On Tuesday, I agreed to trade Alex Rios, Mike Jacobs and Randy Wolf to another owner for Jermaine Dye and Milton Bradley. Later that night, Bradley strained his quad (surprise, surprise). He hasn’t returned since, and the Rangers haven’t provided a specific return date.

Now, league rules say I can cancel the deal before 5 PM this evening.

My question is — what would you do?

Would you back out of the trade after agreeing to it on good faith and sending it to the commissioner’s office? Would you ask for more back in return? Or would you back out entirely?

All feedback is welcome, kids, before or after 5 PM.

– Alex Cushing,


I would talk to the other owner, and get his feedback. What’s the etiquette on this sort of thing in Tout War history?

I think you can go back if you want, but I sure wouldn’t be happy if I were the other owner.

If rules allow you to cancel it, I’d cancel it. I mean, why not? “Good faith” is one thing, but as long as you’re playing within the rules I see no reason why you need to go through with something you don’t want to do now.
-Dan in Los Angeles

If you are playing within the rules of the league I see no reason why you should feel obligated to let the trade go through. The bigger question is why owners are given 3 days to change their mind. This seems like a awful long time.

You’re asking US ethics questions??!!?? WHAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!

I would have to say if the trade hasn’t gone through i would pull back. Just because of the factor of Bradleys injury and not knowing when he is coming back. Why not go back to the other GM and renegotiate another trade, without Bradley.

Jan in Glasgow.

I agree with Jan, a renegotiation would be the best way to take care of it. That is after you cancel this current trade. If it’s in the rules, it’s in the rules.

Ed in Chi

Talking to the other GM first certainly couldn’t hurt, but if they won’t budge on the accepted deal then I would leave the trade as is and chalk it up to incredibly bad injury timing(i.e. bad luck).

Neighbor Steve

I also would talk to the other owner and see if you can get a throw in to play till Bradley comes back. I would try to keep the trade alive since Dye is the best player in the deal (unless you need Rios for speed). If he didn’t budge, I would probably still pull the trigger as I really like Dye.

Alex –

Ask yourself, what made you make the trade in the first place? Was it Bradley or Dye that you really wanted? You gave up 2 bats & arm for 2 better bats. Did you need both bats to start, do you have a player to slot in while you wait for Bradley?

I would keep Dye and hope for Bradley to return. Your team seems better off with Dye and Bradley (or temp reserve) than having Rios and Jacobs…Wolf is afterthought meaningless.

–BDH in DC

I also agree with Jan, working out another deal would be the best bet though I had a similar type situation where I actually left the deal going through and acquired in injured player. I accepted a deal to send Jered Weaver for Troy Percival as I desperately needed a closer and that nite after I accepted Troy got hurt.
In this instance the trade had a few objections from owners but not enough to warrant a veto. The other owner after the deal went through was actually nice enough and offered to redo a deal so I wouldn’t have an injured player. I turned the deal down as my reason for the trade was to obtain a closer and I thought after getting as much info on Percival’s injury that he would come back relatively soon & provide what I needed.
Based on that BDH’s comments ring most true. So taking both of the previous comments into account which is more important to you – getting Dye and waiting out Bradley (if he is in fact another guy you really wanted) or massaging out a deal for a comparable type player.

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