Post-show blog for 8/4

Hey all, post your questions and comments and thoughts and suggestions here and we’ll reply throughout the day. Also, tomorrow’s Fave Five is “songs to get you in the mood” so let’s hear your suggestions… it can be the mood for anything, too. Adp1_francisco_liriano_si.jpgult behavior, eating, dancing, watching football, punching clowns or making love on the moon, anything goes!

(Dan, thanks again for the swag, we are loving it!)

Meanwhile, what did everyone think of Liriano yesterday? Not a bad way to come back, vs. the Indians and Royals, huh? Siano is crying tears of joy…

Finally, check out the 411 fans page on, we are all signed up so maybe we can make that a fun part of the community too.

Have a great day everyone!





my suggestion is that if you insist on keeping Fave 5, do it as a blog posting and leave the half hour show to discuss fantasy.

Agree on thre Fave 5 comment since the show is shorter these days…

Hey guys,
In my 12 tm keeper league where I am top 2 at the moment, what do you think about this deal: I trade Tulo FOR LIRIANO, AJ Burnett, and S. Torres. I could use wins, k’s, & saves. Tulo was one of my 5 keepers. I would have to drop Rauch and G. Floyd or possibly K. Johnson to make room.

Also, would you make a hedge and pick up D. Sanchez now in a 12 team and wait to hear how Wagner’s MRI tomorrow turns out? Thanks.

Neighbor Steve

I love the fave 5 is fun as well as informative and that is what the 411 is about, in my opinion.

My fave 5 songs to get me in the mood are:

1: Time of my Life – Bill Medley and Jeniffer Warnes – Girls Night Out or Girls Night in.
2: Simply The Best – Tina Turner – Gets me in the mood to go to soccer or watching sports.
3: Your the First the Last my everything – Barry White – Adult behavior ( Thanks Cory for putting that up, i couldn’t think of a way to put it.)
4: Kung Fu Fighting – Carl Douglas – Going out for drinks after work. Last song that is played in the office before we leave to hit the bar on a Friday.
5: Murder Incorporated – The Boss – To cook, baking or do the household chores. Blasting out of the stereo perfect.
I am so glad to see Liriano back, the Twins were missing him and Hernadez wasn’t cutting it. Siano, you must be a happy man after the performance at the weekend.


Just hoping that Kinsler starts to get hot again soon as he is killing me in one of my leagues. Just hope it’s not at the expense of the Yankees in this series.

Jan in Glasgow.

I needed bullpen and was plethora-ing starting pitcher, so I dealt Liriano and Lyon for Soria. (10 team league). Do you bless this trade or curse it?

Charles in DC

Speaking of trading Liriano…I need steals and I was offered Victorino for him, what do you guys think?
Steve in ND

Fav 5 Songs that get me in the mood:

1. Dissconected by Face to Face – One of the best punk rock songs ever and get’s me fired up for anything.

2. Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen – Since I moved away from my closest friends (we all played college ball together) everytime I get to see them I put this song on.

3. For Me This is Heaven by Jimmy Eat World – Off of the “Clarity” album (best record of all time). This song gets my lady and me in the “mood”

4. Drunken Lullabies by Flogging Molly – Ulitmate drinking song.

5. Hells Bells by AC/DC – Maybe one of the coolest experiences at a ballgame is when Trever Hoffman comes out of the pen with a one run lead in the 9th at Petco. It gets me in the mood to chase some saves!

Won’t get to today’s podcast till later. Was there any comments on Jeff Francis for this week? I have to have my lineup on by 5pm & won’t get to the podcast till like 7.

Chasing wins against Washington & SD. Thoughts?

De La Rosa is listed as Tuesday’s starter for the Rockies, not Francis, whose return date has yet to be determined. So I guess the answer is “No!” But even if he were pitching, I’d pass. Let’s see how he does first. Hopefully, the injury partly explains why he’s been awful all year!


NS: Liriano, Burnett and Torres is a great return for Tulowitzki, if Liriano’s first start is any indication. I don’t mind dropping Rauch, unlike Siano, because if he’s not getting saves he’s no better than a lot of other MR types who are on waivers right now. Floyd vs. Johnson is a tougher call, but I’d stick with Johnson’s five-category upside (even if he’s been a disappointment so far). Or maybe flip someone in another deal!

Charles in DC, I think Liriano is a big price to pay to upgrade from Lyon to Soria, although that is indeed a big upgrade. I think Siano would say (and I won’t speak for him but here goes) that if you picked up Liriano and had him on your bench all along, why trade him now rather than cashing in on some of that return?

NS again… yes I would deal Liriano for Victorino; check his stats in July!

Isn’t trading a guy for an elite closer “cashing in” as much as getting his stats? You can hold onto a guy until he plays and then either get a big piece in return or get his stats. I don’t get why one is better than the other…

But thanks for answering my question!

Charles in DC

Hey CS,

That was Steve in ND on the last question…not me!
In that last deal sending Tulo packing, would you drop G. Floyd or Campillo? Thanks.


What I mean to say is, and I know you understand the idea of sunk costs and starting from zero better than I, so whether I drafted Liriano or traded for him last week or picked him up three weeks ago (which I did), it doesn’t matter that I was holding him on my roster all this time!

Fav 5 songs to get me in the mood…

1…for romance (wink, wink): 2 Wicky by Hooverphonic (this song is pure liquid sex for your ears)
2…to fight: Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana (as soon as that riff kicks in I just wanna start hurtin’ people)
3…enjoy 4:20 (another wink): Shine on you Crazy Diamond pts 1 & 2 by Pink Floyd (You were caught on the crossfire of childhood and stardom)
4…to go out & Party: National Anthem by Radiohead (It build to a crescendo & takes you with it)
5…to simultaneously punch & vomit on a celebrity clown while on the moon: anything by Frank Zappa (see Dan’s swag)

shannon in ky

I think that the Indians are a great team to face in your first game back, because not only have they struggled all year, but their young hitters just are not that patient. Liriano was in and out of trouble all day, and while I’m glad he did well because I have him on a team, I just hope that he’s really back and wasn’t just helped out by the Tribe.

Also, 12 team league, I think I’m about to get Vlad for Fuentes. I’ve got Hoffman, Broxton, Marmol, and Hanrahan right now other than Fuentes, and a nice pad on the guy behind me in saves. Good deal for me right? I also have Sizemore, Dye, Damon, and Rios in the OF and UTIL, Glaus and Loney at the corners, and Butler at CI. Should I trade an OF for an upgrade over Loney?

Brian in Columbus

Hey guys-

I was think that Kornerko is this year’s Hafner…meaning, a big time slugger who never comes back to form.

Also, which tire fire of a pitcher do you trust more the rest of the year: Javier Vazquez or Ollie Perez?

Hack in Rancho Cucamonga

Skirmish, we don’t advocate fighting here at the 411, we are pacifists.🙂


Steve in ND, sorry! Worse people I could mix you up with than NS, though, and I still like the deal.🙂


Brian, Vlad for Fuentes is a huge return, definitely do that. And I’m not a big Loney fan… not enough pop for me for a 1B. Take away the AVG and he’s a waiver wire guy. Don’t let Siano hear me say that though!🙂


i read your thoughts on tulo for the second half. considering that, rank these 3 for the rest of the year: tulo, atkins, zimmerman. also is ellsburry worth holding onto at this point? i have a chance to make playoffs and could use the bench spot on someone else (i.e. schumaker).

jon in hawaii

I’ve been a listener for three years. I’m not a big fan of the Littleguy, the video podcasts or Fav5’s but I endure because Cory and Mike are funny and their insight has made my team a perennial powerhouse! With two flags flying I can’t turn my back on them as change presents itself.

I didn’t think I would like “the sprint” but it ended up being ok.

If I could make one suggestion, I would like to hear more about the upside of Denard Span or why to hang in there with Justin Upton or Jay Bruce. The beginning of the show always seems to open with 10 minutes of the obvious, “Lance Berkman is a good player having a great year! Manny is Manny but he’s good, too! What can we say about Josh Hamilton!” Couldn’t there be at least one “hidden gem” part of the open?

My question if all is equal as to the matchups, who should I start in my U spot when I need help in average and obp – Tulo or Sheffield?

Goose in Chicago

Jon, I like that order the way you have it. I think Tulo is due for a major positive adjustment; Atkins has looked very ordinary this year and his home/road splits are increasingly worrisome; Zimmerman has health and bad lineup concerns.

As for Ellsbury, I wish I could be more optimistic, but in addition to his nearly 2-month long slump, he’s not even stealing when he does get on, and looks like he’ll be losing some playing time following the Bay deal. Hard to cut in a keeper league but in a vanilla or deeper non-keeper, it’s hard to justify him at this point.


Goose, I think people are making a mistake in forgetting about Sheff: he has 4 HR and 4 SB in 15 games since the break, with very good rate stats. His K/BB ratio is in decline so clearly his best days are behind him but he’s still a very solid power/speed combo. Tulo is due for an upswing (noted above) and has the positional edge, but Sheff might get 6-8 SB’s the rest of the way and the power will be a wash.

As for Span, I’m not a big-fan… so-so AVG’s in the minors, no power at all, and although he did put up some SB’s, his SB% was very poor. He’s hot now so you have to ride that, but I think of him more as a quick fix than a solution for the last 2 months of the season.


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