Unread for 8/4

Hey guys wish I still had you for an hour but I think you guys are doing a great job of filtering the show’s clutter/useless chatter. Hope my question isn’t clutter/useless chatter. So here goes.

5×5 mixed 10 team with obp instead of avg. We use net wins (+2 for a win -1 for a loss).
I trade Zambrano for K-Rod. I’m last in saves- I only had Percival and Wood (and possibly Wainwright)

My staff Is now; Verlander, Volquez, Carmona, Greinke, Danks, Garza, (possibly Wainwright) and David Price (side note- any news on his callup?).
Jeff in Cleveland.

Hey Jeff,

What better way to address saves than to acquire a guy who’s on pace to shatter the single-season saves record!  Playing for a new contract, K-Rod’s performance this year is a major reason why the Angels currently hold the best record in all of baseball.  And though I don’t think he’ll continue saving games at this ridiculous rate, giving up Zambrano for Rodriguez is certainly a deal worth making.  Zambrano (12-4  2.76 ERA  1.21 WHIP) is without question a fantasy ace, but you’ve got enough pitching here to get by, even in a 10 team league.  Combine your starting pitching depth with the injury histories of Wood and Percival (both of whom have spent time on the DL in 2008), this trade is one you should accept with confidence.
As for Price, he’s obviously on the fast track to the majors, and it’s not a bad idea to stash him.  But if you really need the roster spot, I think he’s expendable in a 10 teamer, unless of course this is a keeper league.  I’d be surprised if Price gets called up before September.  And even when he does, it’s very possible he’ll serve in middle relief, a role that will severely limit his immediate fantasy value.

Zach Steinhorn 



Props to Johnny Archive for this idea: lately I’ve been going back and listening to 411 episodes from around a year ago, just to kind of see what the fantasy atmosphere was at this same time in 2007. Anyway, the August 3, 2007 episode is a real riot, particularly when Siano reads an IM from a listener who feels Cory is “condescending” and “a tool.” There’s also some great commentary about the impact of the Teixeira/Saltalamaccia (or Pits) trade and the value of Kelly Johnson.

All Fantasy 411 podcasts available here: http://mlb.mlb.com/feed/podcast/c1261158.xml

-Dan in Los Angeles

Dan, I never mind when people say I’m an arrogant tool… my daughter calls me that all the time.😛


Sorry… condescending, arrogant, I’ve been called worse by better people.🙂


Yes, but that cat who made up an AOL IM screen name just for that… now that’s commitment, haha.
On another note, Saundo misses out on win #15 when Baltimore gets 4 in the ninth. Just a bit frustrating since I have Saunders in… oh… all four of my leagues. Arg. I’m going to buy beer.

I have Saundo AND K-Rod in NFBC… at least I got the vulture win, although the blown save and 2 extra baserunners cost me a half-point each in saves and WHIP, which is another whole place in the standings. Yep, it’s that close.

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