Suspensions are in (Was Originally Post Show Blog for 8-5-08 which i overwrote like an Idiot -siano)




Discipline has been issued to two players and the managers of both Clubs as the result of on-field incidents in Sunday’s game between the Chicago White Sox and the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium. Bob Watson, Vice President of On-Field Operations for Major League Baseball, made the announcement.

Royals catcher Miguel Olivo has been suspended for five games and fined an undisclosed amount for charging the mound, which incited the bench-clearing incident during the bottom of the fifth inning, and for throwing a punch during the incident.

Royals pitcher Zack Greinke has been suspended for five games and fined an undisclosed amount for intentionally throwing at a batter during the top of the seventh inning after warnings had been issued to both Clubs following the bench-clearing incident.

Royals manager Trey Hillman has been suspended for one game and fined an undisclosed amount for the intentional actions of Greinke after warnings had been issued earlier in the game.

The suspensions of both Olivo and Greinke had been scheduled to begin tonight, when the Royals host the Boston Red Sox. Both Olivo and Greinke have elected to appeal. Thus, their suspensions will be held in abeyance until the process is complete. Hillman will serve his suspension tonight.

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen has been suspended for two games and fined an undisclosed amount for his aggressive actions during the incident, which included making contact with Umpire Tim Timmons, and for his comments following the game. Guillen will begin to serve his suspension tonight, when the White Sox host the Detroit Tigers.


Hey guys – what I’ve been able to catch of the show for the past month or so has been great, thus proving that it’s not the size of the show that matters… it’s what you do with it.
12 team H2H 5×5 keeper – I’m going for the win this year and have been offered BJ Upton along with Oswalt in exchange for Ellsbury and Izzy. To spare as many banalities of my current lineup as possible, the relevant parts here are:
2B – Cano
3B – Zimmerman
OF – Crawford
OF – Braun (slotting to 3B when Zimmerman sits)
OF – Bruce
My bullpen consists of K-Rod, Soria, Fuentes, and Zumaya, and Oswalt would tack onto the end of a strong starting staff. The deal looks good to me… almost too good, really, which is why I’m seeking your input on this. Thanks!
— Adam in STL

Nice deals Mike…that reminded me of a deal I had offered to me early in the season (about a 3 weeks before V-Mart went on the DL & before Bruce was called up). I would’ve given up Beckett/Rauch/V-Mart for Pence/Longoria/Bruce. At the time I thought that was way overpaying though Longoria & Bruce were minimum salaries for keeper purposes…seeing what’s happened now I would probably be a few spots higher in the standings had I made that deal.


Jason in MI…I always forget that.

And while we’re at it – was Clay Buchholz’s performance in KC last night acceptable enough to maintain him on standard 12-team rosters? With his next start against the White Sox, I’m starting to see him as more of a POD guy…

Adam, that deal is a winner under any circumstances. Even before Ellsbury started slumping you’d probably take Upton over him, and Oswalt is at worst a wash with Izzy. Great deal for now and for later.


Hey Guys,

In my 12 tm keeper(we keep 5), I was offered the following trade: AJ Burnett, Liriano, Torres, Cano, & Peralta FOR J. Reyes, G. Gloyd, & K. Johnson. I am currently in first by 1.5 pts and could use the pitching to help secure the top slot. Would you give up a top keeper in J. Reyes with this value in return or play it out? The other speed on my team is Victorino, C. Hart, Soriano, & Alexei Ramirez. (Right now I’m pretty well slotted at 11pts in SB’s)

Neighbor Steve

Also, I think at this point we have to view Buchholz as a PoD guy, he just hasn’t been impressive in any start since coming back up and at Chicago is a tough matchup again. Still a lot to like about him long-term but we’re trying to win now, not in 2011!🙂


In a 12 team mixed, is Manny Parra POD now? Would you start him for his next outing at home vs. the Nats?


On Siano’s note about Peralta, consider this… since moving into the cleanup spot, Jhonny is hitting .319 in 144 at-bats with 17 doubles, 6 HR and 29 RBI, with a .943 OPS.

Meanwhile, since taking over as the Indians regular catcher on June 12, Kelly Shoppach has hit .313 in 134 at-bats with 15 doubles, 9 HR and 28 RBI, and has pushed his OPS to a season-high .881.

So clearly, these two guys have been the team’s best hitters for the last seven weeks. Now here’s the real question: what does the Tribe do when V-Mart and Pronk come back?? Who hits where in the order, and does Shoppach continue to play??

Bold predictions: Peralta drops into the 5-hole, behind Pronk and V-Mart, who plays mostly 1B, plus a little catcher (vs. some tough righties) and DH (vs. some tough lefties). Shoppach remains as the primary catcher and Garko is reduced to backup play, pinch-hitter, and defensive caddy.

Just sayin’.


NS, leave him active for that start and reevaluate after that.

NS, let’s do the math in your trade like this:

Cano and Burnett are better than Johnson and Floyd, respectively… I think those are reasonable assumptions.

So then it’s you giving up Reyes for Liriano, Peralta and Torres. That’s a decent but not great return. The problem with this deal is that while you are getting a lot of guys who look like reasonable returns, there’s not lot of certainty here. Cano and Burnett are both inconsisent, Torres isn’t exactly Mariano Rivera, Liriano has to be viewed with at at least some skepticism, and Peralta is a good-to-very-good hitter on a serious hot streak.

I don’t think it’s an unfair or unreasonable deal, but where’s the one guy you can point to and say, “I gave up a top three pick to get this guy?” Burnett OR Liriano would make a good #2, but who’s the #1?


Thanks CS,

Agreed. I am considering a counter offer of including Papelbon rather than Torres. Would you do the deal then or just sit it tight?


That would be a much better deal for you, although wouldn’t you rather get a big-time SP, i.e., Lackey, Halladay, Haren, Webb, etc.? I thought that’s where you needed the help?


Diff. league–that’s the 12 team non-keeper where I’m currently 9 pts out of first. There, I’m trying to pull off Dye (or Victorino) & Carpenter FOR Lackey or Dye straight up FOR Shields.

With a diff. team, I am looking at Kinsler (or BJ Upton) & Victorino & Carpenter FOR Haren & Weeks & Griffey Jr.

Last option– Tex & Carpenter(or Vazquez) FOR Webb, C.Blake, & Hardy.

I am willing to overpay some(which I realize some of these deals are) since there is a lot of ground I can make up in ERA & W’s while I’m strongly slotted in the Power cats, AVE, SB’s, & Saves. What deals (if any) do you like?

Thks. NS

Hey guys,

I’m a big fan of the show.

I’ve got a question for you guys.Do you think there are going to be (young)pitchers who will be shut down for the rest of season?The Rays did it last year to Shields.And if so which pitchers do you think will be shut down?Thnx.
–Jeremy from The Netherlands

Jeremy thats a great question.

I think first you have to look at the standings. James Shields is a perfect example because the Rays had no shot last year when the shut him down.

Here are teams that would have to start considering the notion of shutting down some arms who have seen an increase in IP and might be the right move. The wild card is well the wild card. Do the A’s give up if they are only 5 games out but have Greg Smith, Dana Eveland (currently in minors), Gallagher and The Duke to worry about?

Other possibilities.

Grienke (threw 183 in 05′ so probably ok)
Guthrie (2 starts away from career high)
Volquez and Cueto
Lincecum and Sanchez (allready set a season high in IP)
Josh Banks

The big names are Volquez, Lincecum, Grienke, Duchscherer and Jurrjens. We’ll get into this more on live show this week.


Hey Mike,
thanks for the quick response. I will definitely make sure to not miss that show this week. I happen to have Volquez, Jurrjens and Duscherer on both of my teams. Do you think I should trade them as soon as possible?

dont push the panic button just yet, but if you can get fair value or an upgrade I woun’t hold you back……Mike

Hey Guys,

Any news on Wagner’s MRI? Do you think D. Sanchez is worth having in a 12 tm league? 14 tm league? Or is his lost velocity still too much of a concern? I have him in a 14 tmr, but would you pickup one of the following instead: J. Lowrie, Kearns, or D. Span?


Wagner onto the DL today; Manual says Heilman will lead the comitttee. Eeeewww!!


All i am going to say about Heilman leading the committee is, Yuck.

Jan in Glasgow.

i kno u guys dont like this but i would really appreciate it. is this a top 6 out of 12 offense the rest of the way?
(xtra stats= TB, OBP, BB)
C- Navarro
1B- Teixeira
2B- K. Johnson / Weeks
SS- M. Young
3B- Edwin Encarnacion / Zimmerman
OF- Braun
OF- Hart
OF- Chris Young
Utl- Tulo
Utl- Butler

ignore this if you saw my post on the roster moves blog. my bad i didnt kno which was the post show blog


Jon, this looks solid but not great. Braun is a superstar and Tex is excellent also, but the rest are all somewhat disappointing this year in their own ways. I would say this is good but not great… but in the top half of a 12-team league? Seems good enough.

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