Unreads for 8/5

Hey Guys!
Trade deadline is coming up August 10th.  10 team 5×5 (non-keeper) head to head.  I have an offer in which I get Harang and Billingsley, and give up Sherrill, Carmona, and Francisco Liriano. I’m looking at punting the saves category from here on out so I’m looking to dump Sherrill. I want to know which pitching combination you think has the upside for the rest of the season?
 Mike in Los Alamos 

Hey Mike,

As much as I love Billingsley, who’s quickly developing into the clear cut ace of the Dodgers’ staff, I don’t do this deal.  Replacing Carmona with Billingsley is definitely an upgrade thanks to Billingsley’s superior strikeout rate.  But it’s not enough of an upgrade to warrant the loss of Sherrill and Liriano.  If you’ve held onto Liriano this long, why deal him now?  It may take awhile for Liriano to return to pre-injury form, but he’s still the kind of guy who can make a huge impact, holding a tremendous amount of upside with very little risk, as you obviously didn’t draft him with huge expectations in mind.  As for Sherrill, I hate the idea of punting saves, especially in a head to head league where the stats reset each week.  Wouldn’t you want to have as many closers as possible to help you win this category on a regular basis?  I understand that Sherrill’s 4.27 ERA isn’t pretty, but saves are saves!  Harang is way too much of an injury/inconsistency risk to rely on down the stretch.  In short, Carmona/Liriano wins out over Billingsley/Harang.  And that’s ignoring the fact that you’re losing Sherrill and getting nothing back in return.

Zach Steinhorn

I’m in a 12-team, mixed, 5×5, H2H league.  It’s a non-keeper with 21 man rosters.  9 hitters, 7 pitchers and 5 bench spots.

My pitching is stacked. (Zambrano, Kazmir, Lowe, Billingsley, Greinke, Jurrjens, Guthrie, Maholm). I usually win all 5 pitching categories every week. My only weakness is HRs. I’m in 2nd place and I’m going to make the playoffs.

I wasn’t planning on touching my roster but I just got a trade offer and I’d like your opinion. He wants Zambrano and he’s offered me McLouth.  He has a surplus of OF. (Victorino, Crawford, Matt Kemp and Manny) If I make this deal, I move Berkman to 1B. I move Mike Jacobs to UTIL.  Chris Davis becomes a MON-THUR guy.  I cut James Loney. And I would add Tim Wakefield from the free agent list.

So the trade boils down to this for me:
I add McLouth and Wakefield.
I subtract Zambrano and Loney.

What do you guys think?

Josh in Toronto

Hey Josh,

I think you should hold onto Zambrano and enjoy your pitching depth. Nate McLouth, while experiencing a home run surge this season with 22 long balls, isn’t the ideal player to boost your team’s home runs. And since you’re in second place and have confirmed your spot in the playoffs, why would you move arguably your best starting pitcher?

McLouth had 13 homers by the time May ended, so his overall power numbers are definitely the beneficiary of an early season power upswing. He did go deep seven times in July, but he’s not powerful enough to compromise Zambrano’s spot on your roster. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the nine homers James Loney hit last September. Sure, Loney isn’t any more of a power threat than McLouth, but he is still a very good hitter who has value in 12-team mixed formats. Aren’t you at least somewhat curious to see if he can replicate his late-season power from last year? I’d keep Zambrano and Loney.

Kyle Stack


What about Z’s altered arm position that we keep hearing so much about? Doesn’t that make him worthy at least negotiating this deal?

Zambrano’s last three starts: 3 ER in 20 IP for a 1.35 ERA, with 17 K’s and three walks. I’ve seen the lower arm slot and it does raise some red flags for me, but it’s certainly not effecting his performance.


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