Adam Jones and The Tribe Bullpen

I said today that I wanted to see what I could find on Jones because I may have missed something. This is from Will Carroll’s UTK today


 The Orioles have placed Jones on the DL with a broken foot, perhaps ending his season. It wasn’t everything the O’s had hoped for when he was made the centerpiece of the trade involving Erik Bedard, but it certainly showed promise. Jones fouled a ball off of his foot, and had been in a walking boot since the weekend before the swelling went down enough to get good images. In the meantime, he’d tried to convince manager Dave Trembley that he could be available for pinch hitting. That’s admirable toughness, sure, but it’s also not very smart. Jones could be back in time to make an appearance before the end of the season, but it’s quite likely that, given the Orioles record, we’ve seen the last of Jones for 2008.

If you don’t have a DL slot and it’s a non keeper cut him……Siano




About a minute ago it took a minute for the Tribe pen to blow a 7-4 lead in the bottom of the ninth. Mujica got the opp and gave up a bomb to Gabe Gross and then Kobayashi came in and gave up a walk off 3 run missile to Pena. This has nothing to do with the Rays being real this is about witnessing one of the biggest disasters ever to take place in the bullpen of a team who a year ago was a game away from the World Series. The Tigers and Braves and Cards at least had to deal with injuries, the Indians are just incompetent and it kills me because this is a solid organization who could do better then this……..Siano


Paging Joe Borowski…

BTW when did Jeff Karstens become Sandy Koufax?

Tyler Yates is looking like a pretty good closer option right about now.

And yes, Karstens is out of his mind lately. Wow.

-Dan in LA

After seeing the box score i dropped Kobayashi without picking up anyone else right away. i needed time to think about who i would pick up and didnt want Kobayasho anywhere near my roster anymore. Oh the joy of chasing saves.

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