Post Show Blog For 8/6/08

Had a rough one yesterday fantasy wise.


Morrow getting sent down, Gomes down (don’t you love deep non mixed leagues?), Crede back which sucks for Fields and Adam Jones on DL. Tack on losing 5.5 points in AL Tout when I was sniffing first place.


That’s my pain, let’s hear yours.




YPNM. I’m up to 2nd in NFBC and closing fast!🙂

I am starting to really dislike “official scorers” and their fantasy impact….LOL.

Can you explain why a 3rd Strike passed ball/wild pitch where the runner reaches 1st base isnt treated the same for ERA compared to if the ball was put in play and a throwing error by the pitcher allowed the runner to reach base?

Twice now, my SP and their wild pitch has caused a 3rd strike base runner to reach base safely…then following 2-outs the bullpen has given up runs and all runs are treated as earned. I find this illogical, instead of the Strikeout wild pitch being treated as the 3-out and therefore all runs following would be un-earned. Agggggghhhhhhh!


— BDH in DC

CJ Wilson and Huston Street. Nuff said.
-Dan in LA

Hi Guys.

Would you trade Aviles for Ludwick?

It’s a keeper league.

Thanks for your help.

I recently traded for Howie Kendrick. I confess, I haven’t followed the Angels batting order very carefully, but notice him in the bottom of the order recently. Has this been the case all year? I am hoping he get back into the top of the lineup in front of Tex & Vladdy to increase his runs and quality of pitches seen. Any scoop on their lineup in regards to Kendrick?

Thanks guys, great job! And shout out to the 30 minute format. I was doubtful of the new format, but with the lack of commercials & “skits”, I don’t feel the amount of fantasy info has decreased much. Keep it up!!

I traded for Howie as well and much prefer him batting 5th which he has in the past week over 6th or especially 7th but he can flat out hit so I’m thinking with Figgins, Vlad, Tex and maybe even GA hitting ahead of him I dont mind him 5th or 6th. The runs will take a hit but this guy steals and can drive em in plenty…..Siani

good call Dan, that is fugly….siano

I’d do Aviles for Ludwick since Ludwick’s ceiling appears higher judging by the insane year he is having right now. Think of this way, can you imagine having traders remorse over a Royals SS?

What’s wrong with Kazmir? He’s been terrible lately.

– Brian in Philly

Hey now, what’s up guys? Is post concussion Brain McCann going to struggle for the rest of the year? Is Zumaya worth picking up if an extra spot on the bench is available? I have Josh Hamilton, Grady Sizemore, Ryan Ludwick, Matt Kemp, and Nick Markakis in the OF. Derek Lee is my utility, Morneau at 1B, and Mike Aviles at 2B. Since I can play only three of the 5 forementioned OF, is trading Markakis for Pedroia a good idea?

Long time listener in SoCal

Markakis for Pedroia is decent but I’d rather put Ludwick, Kemp, and Markakis on the block and take the best offer. In a 3 OF league, you should definitely deal one of these guys…maybe even two! A ton of wasted production on your bench.


Hey Guys,

In a 12 tm mixed, would you drop K. Johnson, G. Floyd, or J. Guillen to pickup A. Lind?

Neighbor Steve

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