Post Show Blog For 8/7/08

If you haven’t seen the show yet you will see I wore a Manny Dodgers shirt sent to me by West Coast Producer Ben Platt who bought it at Dodger Stadium. I’ve been waiting 8 years to wear something Manny and probably longer then that since I can’t wear other team gear from the AL. Long Live Manuel Aristides Ramirez!!!!



I was going for Avant-garde on the picture.
Avant-garde (pronounced [avɑ̃gaʁd] in French) means “advance guard” or “vanguard”.[1] The adjective form is used in English, to refer to people or works that are experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to art, culture, and politics……Siano

It is a very avant-garde picture. The movement lines are really good. Shows flow. That is something that i have missed from the old radio format show is the three of you wearing baseball jerseys or t-shirts. I have no problem about you wearing the polos but the club tees/jerseys are better.

Jan in Glasgow.

forgot to say it looks like when you have had too much adult beverages how your eyes find everything is blurry.

Hey Guys,

I traded last week for Joba to boost my SP, only to put him yesterday on a DL spot once I actually got him. Talk about bad luck. Anyway, I’m looking at WW options (16 team league 5by5) to improve W,ERA ,WHIP. I immediately picked Kershaw up but I need more starters. Which ones of those guys, if any, are worth picking up in your opinion: Bush, Gio, Myers (despite the dtm stuff?), Parra, Karstens, or the Joba replacements in the Yankees rotation (Giese, Kennedy)???

Scherzer is also in there and he looks to be fine in the minors since he came back. Any news about him returning to the D-Backs rotation??

Thanks, Keep up the good work

Fred in France

Fred in France,

I’ve been pitching Kershaw left and right he is just as much a future star as Joba you could argue so that’s one. The rest you have to be careful with but they definitely have value. Add Kershaw to your squad and keep watching the show or reading the Blog for when to use the others.

Here is our scoreboard which lists probables to make it a little easier.


I know it’s sometimes silly to ask the whole “who can I get for…” question, since it depends so heavily on needs, but I’m going to ask anyway: 12 team vanilla keeper league, trading Joba gets me which closer? Lidge? Coco Cordero? Jenks? Valverde (and his ugly ERA)? Brian Wilson? Someone else?
-Dan in LA

I think Joba may get you anyone but Lidge but it depends on what kind of lead in saves the other GM has…..Siano

I was thinking of limiting myself to managers who are purely playing for next year. Which is basically everyone except me and one other team. I think Cordero feels like a good fit but I’m trying to think of other closers that are his equal and I haven’t really been coming up with any.

Hey Guys,

In a 12 tm mixed, would you drop K. Johnson, G. Floyd, or J. Guillen to pickup A. Lind?

Neighbor Steve

Edwin Encarnacion or Casey Kotchman.. should I drop either for Tatis? It would just be till Adam LaRoche comes back. Encarnacion is killing me in average and my main goal is average & runs. I am pretty stacked in Power & RBI’s.

Do you guys put much stock in Chris Perez getting the save last night in St. Louis? I know Izzy and Franklin pitched the previous night, but LaRussa isnt usually one to shy away from using his closer on consecutive nights.

– Brian in Philly

Arghhh.. What does Johan have to do to get a win..

– Jaded

Lightning Round……

Johan has to go 9 , I know it was rhetorical.


I do put some stock in Perez since like Cory said on today’s show it will be tough for LaRussa to go back to Franklyn and Izzy just isnt getting done. Perez had solid number in minors this year.


Encarnacion has the highest ceiling but if it’s short term go by last 7 and play the hot hand. My guess is that is Tatis who by the way came back to baseball to make enough money to build a church back home. makes him very easy to root for.
Lind right now is a lateral move. K-Jo is having a good August so far and Guillen is a better player. Floyd to me is not POD so if you cut him he probably gets picked up….Siano

Jody Gerut homered today for the THIRD STRAIGHT GAME. He’s gone deep in 4 of his last 6, and the Padres are headed to Colorado tomorrow. Worth a pickup?

Guys, would like to get your blessing on this trade in a keeper points league:

I give – Sizemore
I get – Holliday & Sheets

Ironic I got this trade offer this morning after hearing comments on yesterday’s show about the Sizemore/Sheets deal. Seeing how this is a points league using our stats, Holliday actually outscores Sizemore per game by .15 and adding Sheets to my rotation couldn’t hurt as I would be dumping Max Scherzer (not sure why I’ve held him this long).

Rest of my OF after the deal would be – Granderson, Braun, Bruce, & JD Drew.

Jason in MI

can anyone tell me why Manuel won’t leave Johan in for 9? Even if he couldn’t go nine, there was no reason for him to be taken out when he was today. He could’ve easily finished the eighth; and at this point you’d think that the Mets would know that the BP would blow the win if he didn’t go a little further.

Fact heard on the broadcast: Mets BP has blown 6 Johan leads this year in the last two innings. The Twins BP didn’t blow 6 Johan leads in his last 100 games there. What do we do?

Skirmish, check out Santana’s career CG totals… he’s out at 105, that’s nothing new. BTW, a new definition for irony today… Johan starts, and Aaron friggin’ Heilman gets the win! If not for him and his cohorts Johan would be about 16-7 and leading the Cy discussion.

Jason in MI – love this deal, do it now. Sizemore to Holliday is a minor downgrade if any, plus you get Sheets? Recent struggles or not, this is a slam dunk for you.

Dan in LA – yes definitely. Gerut had some major knee problems over the last few years and has always been a good (but not great) hitter… so now call him a finally healthy good hitter on a hot streak, going into Coors. Get some!


I was looking at a league I have Johan in today and admiring that he got his 18th quality start today….made me so happy that we use QS instead of W.

Brian in Columbus

What do you think of this trade? Its a 12 team vanilla keeper league but with only 3 keepers. Im in 2:nd place chasing first.

My need is speed and avg and I got plenty of hr, rbi and runs.
I give up Yunel Escobar and JD Drew and get Carl Crawford.

My other Middle Infielders are Reyes, Philips and JJ Hardy

Johan in Sweden

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