Post Show Blog For 8/8/08

Hope your fantasy week wasn’t as bad as mine. Amazing the highs and lows when you get to August and look at ths standings with one eye closed like you are about to get a shot from the doctor with a big *** needle.


A-Rod and Kinsler need to get their act together and you need to start posting your questions.




Agreed on Kinsler–what a slump. Do you think this brings his value back down to earth enough to push him to the end of the 1st round next season or even out of the 1st rd?

In a 12 tm mixed league, would you deal Kinsler straight up for any/all of these top SPs: Webb, Haren, Peavy, or Lackey?

Regarding some of the names brought up on this morning’s show, who do you prefer from now ’til end of the season: Lind or Gerut? Petit or G. Floyd?

Neighbor Steve

I hope I don’t annoy you with this. I posted it yesterday but got no response. Thanks in advance!

11-team, mixed, points league (non-keeper):

Who is likely to have more value the remainder of the season:

1. Joey Votto (CIN)
2. Chris Davis (TEX)
3. Billy Butler (KC)


Curtis in Texas

Is Tyler Yates worth owning? I’ve been hit pretty hard by Huston Street and CJ Wilson having issues.
-Dan in LA

Oh, and Curtis- I think they answered your question on the show today around the 20 minute mark. Answer was: Chris Davis.

Hey Fantasy Gurus!

What do you think of this trade? Its a 12 team vanilla keeper league but with only 3 keepers. Im in 2:nd place chasing first.

My need is speed and avg and I got plenty of hr, rbi and runs.
I give up Yunel Escobar and JD Drew and get Carl Crawford.

My other Middle Infielders are Reyes, Philips and JJ Hardy

Johan in Sweden

I was just able to watch the show and, yes, they answered. Thanks for the answer and for your patience!


Curtis go with Davis for rest of 2008.


Dan, Matt Capps looks to be back in less then two weeks so if youre gonna chase saves with Yates it’s now or never.


NS, if you can afford to give up the offense (or lack of it right now) then I would take any of those guys but prefer Webb. Think about this for a second. Webb has 10 more potential starts on regaular rest but could hit 11 or 12 should the division race dictate it. Kinsler has 46 games left as a leadoff hitter so let’s give him 4 at bats and agree that he’ll probably get more since Texas scores that means Kinsler has a “minimum” of 104 at bats lefts. This is why you 9.9 out of 10 take the bat over the arm but circumstance can always change that especially in August.


Thanks again Mike!


Johan, Crawford is playing at about 85% by his own admission so I don’t think he’s going to be a factor in SB’s the rest of the way. Not to say he couldn’t, but he’s not a good gamble. Yunel isn’t worth much these days, but Drew is having a very good year so you should try to get more certainty in return, even if it’s from a lesser name than Crawford.

Called it: Giles will remain with the Padres. Check it out…


NS, re. Kinsler’s value next year, no doubt this current slump is hurting badly but he accomplished so much in the first half that on pure season-to-date value, he is still easily a top-10 player. If he continues to slump he’ll probably end up as a late 2nd/early 3rd rounder next year, but any type of a bounce between now and the end should enable him to stay in, or close to, the first round. Let’s check again on October 1!


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