Unreads for 8/8

First, some breaking news:

RHP Aaron Harang
(3-11, 4.76) is expected to come off the disabled list and pitch against the
Astros on Sunday. RHP Edinson Volquez
(13-5, 2.93) will pitch in Pittsburgh on

Now on to the unreads…

Hi guys, who has better value for the remainder of the season. Melky Cabrera, Andre Ethier or Denard Span.

Rafael – Dominican Republic

Hey Rafael,

If you would’ve asked me this question 10 days ago, I would’ve said Ethier, without question.  But the moment the Dodgers acquired Manny, Ethier’s value took a significant hit.  Although I think he’ll produce enough to earn his fair share of at bats, the bottom line is that he’s now a part-time player.  Ethier will still be of some value in deeper leagues, but can no longer be relied upon as a fixture on your fantasy roster.  As for Melky, I just don’t like him from a fantasy standpoint.  Despite my Yankee allegiance, I’ve never owned Melky on any of my teams.  And if you thought last year’s numbers (.273-8-73) were pedestrian for a fantasy outfielder, 2008 has been much worse.  Melky’s seen his average drop by over 30 points from last year’s mark, and is on pace for just 50 RBI and 55 runs.  That leaves us with Span, whose torrid month of July (.321 AVG  20 runs scored) cemented his place in the Twins’ lineup.  I’m not fully sold on Span just yet, as it was only one month.  But he also performed well in the minors this year (.340 AVG  15 SB in 156 at bats).  There’s a good amount of upside here, and you can do a lot worse than Span as your fifth outfielder in a standard 12 teamer.

Zach Steinhorn

I’m seeing a report that V-Mart may not be back until the very end of August.  Of course, by then, a lot of fantasy seasons are basically over.  Do you really think it’s worth it at this point to hold him or should I finally cut my losses and try to get as good a player as possible in his place?  I have him on several of my teams.
Chris in Tennessee

Hey Chris,

You’re correct that he won’t return until later this month. In an encouraging move, Martinez took batting practice from both sides of the plate, ran the base paths and even threw to the bases from behind home plate on Wednesday. Despite that work, Indians manager Eric Wedge has said Martinez still isn’t ready for a rehab assignment. If you’re contending for the playoffs in your league, then it’s time to cut your losses and get whatever production you can from your catching spot. Since he’s dealing with an elbow injury, there is no guarantee he’ll hit well even when he makes it back to the Indians lineup. To tell you the truth, I’m not even sure he has much value as a keeper for non-contending teams. One would think an off-season should put his elbow injury in the rear view mirror, but Martinez will be 30 years old by Opening Day 2009. It’d be tough to keep a player coming off a major injury, especially as he enters his 30s. Martinez will have to show some pop in his bat to convince me he’s keeper-worthy entering 2009.

Kyle Stack

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Zach, Kyle: you guys have repeatedly provided excellent advice here on the blog, and I must commend you on it. I hope you both got a piece of the swag I sent! Keep up the good work.
-Dan in LA

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