411 representin’ in NFBC!

Hey all, the new sprint format doesn’t leave much time for me to blabber about our NFBC team, but I wanted to make sure everyone knows that the 411 is alive and well:


For the season we are tied for third in our league with 106.0 points, but the second place team is just ahead of us at 106.5 and the league leader has 115.0, so it’s going to go down to the wire. As we’ve pointed out many times over the years, yes you can win or lose your league by one steal or one RBI, so carefully manager your roster every day to squeeze out every bit of production that you can.

Good luck to everyone down the stretch! See y’all at 11:00…







So how do you plan on making up 9 points in the next 7 weeks to win the league? I’m curious what you’re focusing on to make up that ground.

I’m in a league where I’m trailing by 4 points this morning and I’m curious about your strategy.

At this point we’re pretty much going “best available” since it’s a weekly league and we can’t use any kind of daily strategy to maximize our production. Here’s where we might make up some points:

AVG – we are at .2650 and the next team is at .2660, so we’re carefully choosing among our three catchers (Shoppach, Laird, Clement) to try and avoid damage here;

R – we have 800 and the next team is at 808, but we’ve been closing fast since Soriano returned and I think we will get this point;

RBI – we are at 741 and chasing 752;

SB – we have 104 and are chasing 108 and 109, so the returns of Soriano and Milledge, and hopefully a rebound from Ellsbury, could give us a shot here;

ERA – we are at 3.676 and chasing 3.590, so this is going to be very tough;

WHIP – we have 1.300 and need to catch 1.290… see ERA;

SV – we have 70 and trail 73; we have Guardado and Kobayashi as our 3rd/4th closers but it looks like only Eddie G will help us there so we’re using him and hoping Coco Cordero gets his act together.

Add it all up and our best-case scenario is probably 8.0 more points, so we are going to need 1) continued production from everyone, 2) a little luck and 3) a little help in the standings.


good luck!

Thanks! We’re gonna need it!🙂


Good luck, Cory and Pat in NFBC. How are you doing overall in your league?

Good lick. Thank you for the analysis.

Jan, I think we are something like 54th in the country overall, we won’t get close to the top 10. But if we can finish in the top 3 in our league, which pays back our entry fee, then I consider that a good season, and as noted here we do still have at least a slim shot to win our league. We finished 1st in ’06 and 3rd last year so I’d like to keep alive our modest streak of money finishes.


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