Unreads for 8/11

Which pitcher do I drop to activate John Maine off the DL for his start Wednesday vs the Nats?
Randy Johnson
Jorge Campillo
Mike Pelfrey
Justin from PA

Hey Justin,

This is a tough one!  I’d definitely keep Campillo who, despite a modest strikeout rate (81 K in 114 1/3 IP), has been by far the most consistent of these three.  Since he began starting in late May, Campillo has gone 7-4 with a 3.21 ERA and 1.08 WHIP.  When comparing Johnson to Pelfrey, we’re looking at one guy who’s on the way up and another who’s clearly in the twilight of his career.  Though you can make an argument to keep either of these two, I’m going to hold onto Johnson here due to his superior strikeout numbers and the fact that he boasts a 1.59 ERA and 0.83 WHIP over his last six starts.  So go ahead and drop one Met pitcher so that you can activate another!

Zach Steinhorn

Guys, I’ve come up on a serious dilemma.  16-team mixed auction 7×7, batter K’s, OBP, Quality Starts, Holds are extra.  29-man rosters plus DL and 10 minors spots, very very deep.  The minor league salary structure is much like reality; players called up are very cheap. For example, Longoria is $1 this year, $2 next, and can thus be very undervalued.  Veterans have a $5 escalator.  The top 4 spots get payouts.  I am in 6th place, but the top 6 teams are separated by only 10 points, so I have a good shot at the money.  The stats where I stand to gain points are mainly QS and Wins, and I have made significant trades to set myself up there.

Here’s the dilemma:  the top dog has had a rash of injuries and is desperate for help.  I am tempted to offer him Tex and Carlos Guillen at $33 and $23 respectively, plus Wandy Rodriguez at $1 for Longoria, Votto, both at $1, plus Joba at $4.  I feel this keeps me in position to be in the money this year and knocks my salaries down hugely for the draft and sets me up nicely for next year.  I will never be able to trade those two in the off-season.  I’m just trying to take advantage of his desperation.  Should I try for the trade?


Hey Allan,

As good as Teixeira is (at least after April), I would do this deal. You’re going to lose some power at first base by transitioning from Tex to Votto, but Votto isn’t exactly a scrub. He’s batting .280 with a .793 OPS and even though his power has cooled off (two homers and six doubles in his last 148 at-bats), he profiles as a .290/25/90-type player. Longoria is an obvious upgrade over Guillen, whose proneness to injury often requires insurance at shortstop. Guillen has great positional versatility, but Longoria looks like he’ll be a Top 5 third baseman – and annual first-rounder – for the next decade.

As far as Chamberlain is concerned, you have to leave open the possibility that he won’t help you this season. Considering Rodriguez can be counted on for a quality start about every other appearance, you’ll have to decide whether Chamberlain’s long-term value is enough to possibly sacrifice any immediate rewards. Chamberlain had an MRI at Dr. James Andrews’ office on August 6 to determine the extent of his right shoulder injury. No word has surfaced on Andrews’ prognosis, but Chamberlain won’t be eligible to be activated from the 15-day DL until August 20, but, again, he could be out longer.

Overall, the young talent you would receive, while drastically cutting your team salary, is too good to pass up. Make the trade.

Kyle Stack


Wow Mets bullpen. Just… wow.

Not like we predicted it, but I do recall saying something to the effect that for every two good outings Heilman has, he has as many bad outings right after that. Not a warning per se, but perhaps some ominous foreshadowing??

For everyone who likes to “chase saves”, don’t forget about how much fun it’s been this year with the Mets, Mariners, Tigers, Indians, Pirates, Cardinals, Braves (at least until Gonzalez came along), Brewers (at least until Torres seized the job), A’s (now that Street has coughed it up)…


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