Updated Feud Standings

Siano pulling away and Sterno inching closer!




Miguel Cabrera…on fire and at home for 7 games                                                         Johan Santana… been saving him for this, vs. Nationals and at Pirates🙂


Brian Roberts
Rich Harden


Brad Hawpe
Dave Bush


Guys, I am in a mafia keeper league and basically my season is over and there is no chance of me winning. So i am now looking towards 09 season. So i am thinking about my keepers. Its a 12 team 5×5 mixed. We keep 5, no round values or money values.

The hitters i am thinking about keeping are: Swisher, Theriot, Sir Edwin, Granderson, Scutaro, O Cabrera, Kouzmanoff, Dye and G Anderson.

The pitchers are a little bit more strong in than my hitters:
Halladay, Cain, Carmona, Lester, Burnett, Garland and Parra.

Out of these who should i keep and who could i package up to get upgrades.

Jan in Glasgow.

There are no slam-dunk keepers here, that is, guys you couldn’t upgrade to at least some extent, although Halladay could be one if he finishes like he’s pitched so far.

In fact, Granderson is your only other definite, and maybe Dye. You should be packaging just about anyone to get upgrades. Deal off the pitchers first, since we see time and time again how easy it is to find pitching throughout the season. See if you can get four big bats to go with Halladay and that will be solid. Good luck!


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