Fave Five Cereals



1. Lucky Charms

2. Fruity Pebbles

3. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

4. Life Cereal

5. Frosted Mini Wheats


1. Lucky Charms

2. Granola
3. Frosted Mini Wheats
4. Fruity Pebbles

5. Sugar Puffs


1. Cookie Crisp   (Damn, I nearly had Lucky Charms as my #1, that would’ve been amazing)

2. Lucky Charms

3. Fruit Loops

4. Cap’n Crunch

5. Honeycomb


Guys, It pains me now reading about Lucky Charms as they are no longer available here in the UK. You can purchase them if you want for £10 a box which is rougly $19 through mail order.😥

Here are my fave 5:

1) simply delicious muesli
2) Coco Pops (UK) Cocoa Krispies (US)
3) Frosties (UK and EU) Frosted Flakes (US)
4) Weetabix – http://www.weetabix.co.uk/brands/weetabix/
5) Sultana Bran (UK) Raisin Bran (US)

Jan in Glasgow.

Fave 5 Cereals:
5. Raisin Nut Bran

4. Frosted Mini Wheats

3. Cap’n Crunch

2. Corn Pops

1. Beer-ios (Cheerios + Beer = Great Sunday Breakfast)

-Dan in LA

Nice job Schwartz, although your list reads like contents of a stoner’s pantry. Can’t argue with any of those choices.

Siano, no real issues with yours although “Granols” is a bit generic as is “Sugar Puffs.” Your mom forced the no frills cereal on you as a kid, didnt she?

Sterno, not a bad list either. Although I totally had you pegged as a “Frankenberry” kinda guy..

my list:
1. Cap’N Crunch with Crunch Berries – I dont care if it was like razor blades in my mouth. It’s by far the best.
2. Count Chocula – who can argue with a chocolate vampire?
3. Lucky Charms – who cares if the cereal tastes like cardboard, the marshmellows are awesome.
4. Cocoa Puffs – basically a bowl full of chocolate milk mix. Brilliant!
5. Raisn Bran Crunch – finally raisin bran that doesnt go limp after 3 minutes in milk!

– Brian in Philly

#5 – Golden Grahams

#4 – Honey Combs

#3 – Corn Chex

#2 – Life

#1 – GoldenHoneyCornLife (all of the above combined into a single bowl, layered from the bottom up in order of cereal density)

-Bryce in Omaha
Manager of the Thunder Lizards in the Ken Griffey Sr Fantasy 411 listener league

#1 Cinnamon Life
#2 Apple Jacks
#3 Cap n’ Cruch
#4 Cookie Crisp
#5 Golden Grahams

Avi in Montreal

easy with the mama jokes, dont mind the genreric at all but favorite is trader joe’s pumpkin spice…….Siano

Honorable mentions to Sugar Corn Pops, Count Chocula, Cocoa Pebbles… too many good choices here! And yes, I do still eat cereal right out of the box when watching TV…

Paul Byrd to the Red Sox. Freddy Garcia to the Tigers. Not sure if that’s all official yet. Byrd had cleared waivers. Probably isn’t all that significant to fantasy but meh.
-Dan in LA

Both are official. Wonder why the Yankees let Byrd get past them in waivers… although that’s not as bad a mistake as the ~25 teams that didn’t take a shot at Adam Dunn.



Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the waiver system works in a way that all the NL teams would’ve gotten the chance to claim Dunn first and THEN the AL teams. So it wasn’t 25 teams but in fact ~12 or so.


#1 Corn Pops
#2 Frosted Cheerios
#3 Cinnamon Toast Crunch
#4 Honeycomb
#5 French Toast Crunch

Josh in Toronto

Zach, is that so? I thought it went strictly by W-L record rather than first one league and then the other… I couldn’t find this anywhere, any idea where there is an online resource that explains it? Anyway, if that’s so it would certainly excuse the Rays for not taking a shot at Dunn, but not the Astros!


Hal Bodley breaks down the rules of the waiver wire


According to Hal Zach is correct.

Cheerios, 1-5!

I knew I heard that from somewhere. It doesn’t make much sense anymore now that the leagues aren’t as isolated as they used to be, but I’m pretty sure that’s the case. I have confidence in Mr. Bodley!


Good lookin’ out, thanks guys. I’ll only bag on the Rays if they don’t claim anyone from the Mariners, Royals or Orioles.🙂


Corn Pops
Cocoa Puffs
Boo Berry
Fruity Pebbles

Never got into Boo Berry… in my mind the weak link of the Count Chocula-Frankenberry-Boo Berry triumvirate. Just my opinion.


Cory, seeing the picture of your No1, i would so like to see them be on the shelves here in the UK. I would for one try them as a chocoholic.

Jan in Glasgow

Jan, I eat Cookie Crisp as if they are little mini Chips-Ahoys… with or without milk, in a bowl or in a giant handful, they are the ultimate cereal. Contact me via FB and I’ll see if I can have some airlifted to you!


Guys, some good lists of cereals..

Here’s my fave cereals.

1 ) Golden Grahams
2) Shredded Wheat
3 ) Coco Pops (Cocoa Krispies)
4 ) Golden Nuggetts
5 ) Corn Flakes (Frosted flakes, without the frosting!

Lord Macky.

Did thes fav 5 come up on the show.. cause I din’t see them in the show.

Tucker, we are keeping the fave five to the blog for now to save time on the sprint show… but I’d be happy to elaborate on my choices if you are interested!🙂


5. Honey Nut Cheerios
4. Frosted Mini-Wheats
3. Frosted Flakes
2. Corn Pops – used to love their paper-like consistency when they got soggy
1. Fiber One – ever since my “Kaz Matsui” incident & subsequent surgery

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