Post-show blog for 8/13

Hey kids sorry for the delay, we had problems logging in… anyway, here’s the place to add your questions and comments, and we’ll respond throughout the day.

BTW, Siano and I have a 5.0 game lead for the wild card in our Baseball Prospectus scoresheet keeper league. Our ace was supposed to be Aaron Harang but that hasn’t worked out, and Carlos Lee was the anchor of our offense but of course is now out for the season. Since we would be in the playoffs if the season ended today, we’re trying to win now, so we have gone for broke in recent trades and made two more yesterday:

vlad.jpg1. Traded Carlos Lee and our 12th round pick next year (essentially a 2nd rounder since we keep 10) for Vladimir Guerrero and Tyler Yates;

2. Traded Aarong Harang and Michael Bourn for Torii Hunter and an 18th round pick.

So we traded a guy who is out for the year, a bench OF, a struggling SP who was also on our bench, and downgrade one draft pick by 6 rounds, for two front-line outfielders (one an elite bat and one a solid bat and elite glove) and a little bit of bullpen depth (which is already our strength). Vlad and Torii go right into our OF along with Matt Kemp, while Shane Victorino — himself having a great 2nd half — becomes our 4th OF, defensive caddy and #1 pinch-hitter.

Flags fly forever!!




12 team vanilla keeper, I give up Longoria, Joba, and Huston Street (essentially a drop) for K-Rod, CC, and Mark Reynolds. Smart? Or am I putting too much stock in Reynolds’ ability to maintain his power numbers until the end of the season? He’d be my CI (I have A-Rod at 3B).
-Dan in Los Angeles

Dan, I like this move just fine and for future value:

CC > Joba (now and next year)
K-Rod > Street (now and next year)
Reynolds < Longoria (but if Longoria is out for 3-4 weeks, this will work out on the short run)

You have the all-important 411 blessing.🙂


One more thought on the above… Ziegler has clearly supplanted Street as the A’s closer, so Street will have to get the job back there or somewhere, to have any meaningful now or next year.

Speaking of closers, the Tigers have put Joel Zumaya on the DL and there’s no timetable for his return, so that’s great news for Fernando Rodney and possibly Kyle Farnsworth. Of course that’s one night too late for Zach Miner, but hey, it is what it is…


Thanks Cory. I’m in first and trying to stomp toward a title, so Joba/Longoria was a big problem.
It’s disappointing what happened to Street- starting out as a closer at such a young age made me think he might have a shot at the all-time save record if he kept it up. I had him in almost every league, so that situation hurt me big time.

-Dan in LA

Hey Guys,

In a 12 team format, would you pickup Chris Perez who just cleared waivers and drop one of the following: Rauch or Madson?



Short of Lidge going on DL while he’s on waivers I think you’d get him back should Perez offically “lose” the closer job to Wainwright. There is still a lot to develop in that situation which is good for Perez owners right now so yeah get him and cut Madson.


get the DVD?


Please rank the following for the rest of the season:
Jujens, Meche, Ubaldo, Jorge Campillo, & Nolasco

Dan — I drafted Street in multiple leagues this year, I’m perplexed as to his decline, too.

NS — Cut Madson and pick up Perez. One is sorta the closer, or maybe not, but one is definitely, even if it’s a short-term gig.

Supe — Nolasco (insane K/BB ratios, great home park), Jurrjens (solid and consistent all year long but some fatigue could be an issue), Campillo (see Jurrjens), Meche (getting better each month but has high blow-up factor still), Ubaldo (still young, still pitches in Coors).


Hey guys I absolutely love your show, I listen to your podcasts everyday and it definately is wise to listen to you guys since im currently in 2nd while i was at the beginning of the yr in 13th place. shows that listening to your advice turns out great rewards.

Im currently in a 5×5 14 team mixed league Head to Head
and for some reason other teams decided to drop these 3 guys….

Jered Weaver, Fausto Carmona, and John Danks now im unsure of wether to pick these guys up or not. Will they be valuably by September while im in the playoffs? and can they help my pitching staff out? I currently do not have room to drop any hitting so What should i do? Please help a loyal fan out. Thank you soo much for taking the time to read this message.

SP: Scott Kazmir
SP: Liriano
SP: Scott Baker
SP: Zack Grienke
SP: Volstad
SP: Carpenter
SP: Jorge Campillo
SP: Wainwright
RP: Joakim Soria
RP: Bobby Jenks
RP: Joe Nathan

Goldy, Danks is a must-get and Weaver deserves a long look too, but Carmona’s continued struggles since coming off the DL make him the last option. You can probably cut Campillo — just when I started to get onboard with him, he’s struggled his last two times out and the offense supporting him isn’t as good now — and maybe Volstad too because of his low K totals. Greinke’s ERA has been creeping up but his K/BB ratios remain stellar so I think it’s more bad luck with him than anything else. Good luck!


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