The “Perfect” Team


2008 has so far been a crazy year in fantasy.  I can’t remember a season in which so many players have outperformed their preseason draft value to this extent.  So that got me thinking about a “fantasy” fantasy team, one that could have easily (in theory) been drafted.  I think it’s safe to say that this squad would be in first place by a hefty margin, well on their way to a league title.  I tried to balance it out as much as possible to address each of the five hitting and five pitching categories.  With the possible exceptions of Cliff Lee and Carlos Quentin (just had to include them!), I don’t think there are any players here who would’ve gone undrafted.  The league is a 12 teamer with the standard roster construction of 23 starting spots.  The round that each player was drafted is in parenthesis.


C   Geovany Soto  (12)
C   Ryan Doumit  (21)
1B  Adrian Gonzalez  (6)
2B  Ian Kinsler  (3)
SS  Hanley Ramirez  (1)
3B  Aubrey Huff  (18)
CI  Conor Jackson  (17)
MI  Kaz Matsui  (16)
OF  Lance Berkman  (2)
OF  Josh Hamilton  (8)
OF  Matt Kemp  (10)
OF  Xavier Nady  (20)
OF  Carlos Quentin  (22)
UT  Ryan Ludwick  (19)

Honorable Mentions:  Carlos Delgado, Nate McLouth, J.D. Drew


Brandon Webb  (4)
Joe Nathan  (5)
Roy Halladay  (7)
Joakim Soria  (9)
Chad Billingsley  (11)
Ervin Santana  (13)
Edinson Volquez  (14)
Rich Harden  (15)
Cliff Lee  (23)

Honorable Mentions:  Ryan Dempster, Mike Mussina

AP080321021414.jpgLet me know what you think.  I’m sure there are some guys I’m missing who could make this team even better.

Zach Steinhorn



good job by the big Z!

at the end of the season i will unveil the all value team for pitchers in non mixed auction leagues going by prices in al and nl only tout and all arms team based on draft round in 411 league which zach has pretty much done above but I want to see the last 6 weeks unfold………Siano

No doubt it’s possible, but the hard part is you have to draft them!🙂


I did pretty good in one league late in the draft. I ended up with Quentin, Harden, Longoria, Danks, Conor Jackson all VERY late in my 12 team mixed.

Is it OK to cut one not so good late round pick – Cueto? I could use his spot for some offensive depth.

My pitching:

Randy Johnson

Great Job as always, Thanks! Jaded – NYC

Hey guys, love the increased attention to the blog. I need to give thanks to the 411. I had sort of a “perfect storm” type draft in my league this year especially my pitching staff, which looks a lot like the bottom half of Zach’s list. My one mistake was “accidently” drafting George Sherill instead of Julio Lugo from my queue (oops!)

Anyways, I’m leading my vanilla league by 20+ points (which is unheard of) so I’m already looking ahead to next year. We do our keepers by tier, depending on the rounds they are drafted in. If you could keep 2 from the first group, 1 from the 2nd, and one from the 3rd, who would you keep and why? (all of these keepers will be Group 1 next year if that makes any sense)

Group 1: Pujols, Cabrera, Phillips, Berkman, Hart
Group 2: Abreu, Victorino
Group 3: Longoria, McLouth

Thanks, sorry this post is so long
Todd in St. Louis

just wanted to say that I picked up all of the following on the WW & they were not drafted in my Keeper League:

Carlos Quentin, Kaz Matsui, Ryan Ludwick, Cliff Lee, Edinson Volquez, Xavier Nady, Carlos Delgado & Matt Kemp. Also like to say that not one of these guys are on my team currently as I parlayed all into trades (other than Kaz who I dropped). Players I got back in various trades for these free guys: Derrick Lee, Carlos Beltran, Juan Pierre (Last 2 traded for Carlos Lee) & Garret Atkins.

guys I got off WW & kept: S.Torres, D.Marte (dropped now), J.Broxton, T.Glaus, W.Taveras.

The WW can be a beautiful thing if you know what to look for in advance or if you get a “special tip” from the boys at F411.

shannon in ky

Left this comment once, but I guess it didn’t take.
Just to show the beauty of the WW, here’s a list of the following players I picked up off the WW this season, most of which went undrafted in my very competitive keeper league: (DBSE=Dropped by Someone Else)

Ryan Ludwick, Carlos Quentin, Solly Torres, Nate McClouth, Dam Marte, Eddy Volquez, Cliff Lee, Troy Glaus, Carlos Delgado (DBSE), Xavier Nady, Jason Giambi (DBSE), J. Broxton,Willy Taverus & Chris Davis (no pick needed)

Now most of these guys are no longer mine as I parlayed them into trades that included my getting Beltran, Pierre, Derrick Lee (who I traded for Cl.Lee after he got me 11W’s & the Big Q after he got me 10HR’s) while D.Lee hasn’t done poop; but I’m still happy w/the trade as a keeper & finally Carlos Lee who I was happy as crap to get till yesterday.

So, don’t include all this in the show, but please ring the bell for me & thank my following keepers from last year: J.Roll (UGH!), R.Howard (I traded at 9HR & .191ave; I think we all know how that went, no matter who I got back), Russ Martin’s 1st month (I had to start Napoli!), Maggs nice DL stint, Hank Blaylock (he’s been a good luck charm; sue me) & finally, the coup de gras, the biggest FU any Keeper can give to a Manager: Gary Sheffield (The 1st Keeper I’ve ever had to drop in the 6 years this league’s been going & he’s still on the WW dropped by 3 other teams so far).

shannon in KY

What is interesting about the “fantasy” Fantasy team is the strategy that an owner would need to use in order to draft it.

A very common strategy and one endorsed many times by the 411 hosts is that of drafting hitting first and pitching later. The theroy behind this is that its more difficult and risky to predict pitchers performance and it also seems to be easier to draft pitching later.

Zach’s “fantasy” team suggest the opposite with 8 of 9 spots being picked in rounds 4-15. While the best values seem to be with the offensive players.

Could Zach’s team spark a shift in future drafting strategy?

No doubt the team is more pitching heavy than usual, but this was because I wanted to fill all the starting spots with the first 23 picks. I didn’t include bench players, many of which would be hitters. It was also more important for me to assign round values to each player that were generally based on preseason rankings. So while this was certainly one way to go, I’m not out to disprove the 411 philosophy. There were definitely other value hitter picks that were left out simply because there wasn’t enough space on the active roster.


How about adding Mike Aviles in the 24th round. now THERE is some value.

Um…. Missing Lincecum for pitching. Easily one of the best.

Good call on Aviles, I expect he was undrafted in 99.9% of unmixed leagues this year?


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