Post-show blog for 8/14

So no sooner did we finish the show than we fount1_samardzija.jpgd the news that Lou Piniella has dropped the idea of starting Jeff Szamardzija (right) on Sunday, and Sean Marshall will start instead. Siano and I didn’t like the idea in the first place so good decision Lou!

Also, note that David Price gave up 3 runs on 7 hits in 4 innings in a Triple-A start last night, so everyone expecting him to come up and dominate down the stretch will just have to wait a little while longer. I’ll stick with my original opinion here: he comes up late in the season but in a Joba ’07 type of role, and doesn’t pitch enough innings to make any impact this season. Nice keeper, though.

Anyway, post your questions and comments here and we will respond throughout the day. And if you’re sending a Facebook friend request, make sure to ID yourself as a 411 fan so we know you’re not just some weirdo Internet stalker!🙂





I need some more pop in my lineup. Who should I pick up out of these players: Mike Jacobs, Chad Tracy, Jason Giambi, or someone else?

Hey Guys,

In a 12 team mixed, G. Floyd is available. Would you grab him tomorrow to pitch and drop either J. Rauch or P. Maholm?


Is it time to drop H. Street? I’ve got plenty of closers, including ziegler and was thinking of going after a j. masterson or j. nelson. thanks.

Rob in GR

I feel the need for speed!!! 5 steals will gain me 4 pts in my win and you’re in NFBC satellite league. I took a chance on Burris (SF), on my bench for now, but he has been struggling. I also have Crisp on my bench but he hasn’t done much lately. Here are the guys available on the wire for me to blow out my last $2 of FAAB. Ceasar Izturis, Cory Patterson, Dave Roberts, Joey Gathright, Eugenio Velez, Asdrubal Cabrera, Julio Lugo, Gregor Blanco and Willie Harris (yes i am desperate). Do I stand pat and hope Burris starts to hit or do I swap him out for one of the FA’s?

My starting pitching is struggling, please rank the following for the rest of the year:Campillo, Galaraga, jimenez, Maholm, Meche.

Hey Guys…Gutherie has 2 starts next week at home vs Yanks and Red Sox…do you start him in a weekly league?

12 team mixed. I’m well ahead in saves and close in ERA and WHIP. With Broxton, Mike Gonzalez, Chris Perez and Capps on the DL I’m thinking of dropping Sherrill and picking up Slowey or a RP like Rapael Perez or Jose Arredondo for ERA and WHIP help. Good idea?

Charlie S from The Opposite Field

Guys, Adrian Beltre was on the wire and I picked him up. I dropped Tatis to get Beltre. Was that a good idea? Crede and Encarnacion are the other options on the wire.

sorry, but that was from Aaron in Houston

williampopa, wait about an hour and the answer to your question will magically appear as an unread! In short, yes…start him.


Quick hits:

* I like the power bats in this order: Giambi, Jacobs, Tracy
* Yes, I would drop Rauch for Floyd… Lyon hasn’t really done anything to lose the closer job. Meanwhile, Maholm has 11 QS in his last 14 starts and looks like the NL version of SAUNDO for this year, minus of course the team around him!
* Yes, it’s OK to drop Street, he has clearly been demoted from middle relief. Masterson and Nelson are fine but if you’re going to go for them you might as well use the spot to pitch or ditch, or add another bat for lineup flexibility. MR’s like Masterson and Nelson are day-to-day pickups, not long-term solutions.
* Crazy as it sounds I might grab Corey Patterson if you need speed… no, he’s not that good, but with both Dunn and Griffey gone he should play a lot and we’ve seen him rack up the steals in the past. Chris Dickerson of the Reds is also worth a look.
* Rest of the year: Galarraga, Campillo, Maholm, Meche, Jimenez. I think Galarraga is the clear #1 here and the rest are bunched.
* Yes, I start Guthrie against anyone right now, even the Yankees and Red Sox. If you are in a tight race for ERA and WHIP you might want to bench him, but he’s going well enough right now to beat anyone, anywhere, and is a good gamble.
* I don’t mind you getting rid of a closer, but can’t you get something in return for Sherrill rather than just dumping him? Assuming you can, then you can go for Arredondo or Perez, or even rotate the spot. But cutting a closer outright is not a good idea in just about any format.
* Yes, definitely go for Beltre over Tatis. I’d take Beltre over Encarnacion, too… despite the 22 HR’s, Edwin has been a major disappointment.

Hope that helps!


Im looking to improve my offense and make a run at third place in my league, one cat I need to improve on is Wins. Mike Mussina is the only pitcher I have with more than 10 wins. What kind of pitcher could I get with Ludwick?

Killa, tough to say, it depends on the level of skepticism in your league. You might be able to get a guy like A.J. Burnett, who has won a lot of games despite a relatively high ERA, which hides that he is having a pretty good year. But if you need wins, that means generally going for pitchers on good teams, so avoid Royals and Mariners if you can.🙂


Hey, anyone know what happened to the Fantasy 411 fans page on Facebook? It seems to have disappared today.


I don’t know Cory, I was looking for it today too.😦 Hopefully its just tech gremlin

Jan in Glasgow.

We are going to set up a new one soon… news to come shortly…


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