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Hey Guys,
Would you start Jeremy Guthrie next week in a weekly league?  He’s at home against Boston and the Yankees.
Bill in Chicago

Hey Bill,

Despite the tough matchups, Guthrie is a guy you’ve got to play all the time, especially in a two-start week.  As solid as Guthrie was in the beginning of the year, he’s been lights out over his last five starts, going 4-1 while allowing a mere six runs in 35 innings.  And the best part is that Guthrie’s no longer the tough luck loser he was during the early part of the season, as the O’s have averaged just over seven runs per game during this five start stretch.  Overall, his 3.18 ERA ranks 16th in the majors and his 1.15 WHIP places him 12th.  I simply don’t understand why this guy receives little to no recognition.  Those who own the Orioles’ ace likely used this fact to their advantage in scooping him up months ago.

Hey Guys.

16-team Dynasty League. Cats are Runs, HRs, RBIs, SBs, BB, AVG Wins, Saves, K’s, Holds, ERA, WHIP

would be receiving Pujols and Halladay for Hanley and Harang. I’m
currently about 10 games back from the 6th spot (last playoff spot) and
my pitching has struggled a lot. My other speedsters include B.
Roberts, Berkman (sorta), Byrnes (next year). I’m playing to improve
for next year. My pitchers are Lackey, Burnett, Harang, Washburn,
Looper (Eveland too, but he’s in the minors).  Thanks.

Hello Mr. Anonymous!

I’d much rather have the Pujols/Halladay duo.  There’s no doubt that
Hanley holds a significant edge over Pujols in stolen bases and runs,
but Pujols has 20 more RBIs and, even more importantly, a 50 point
advantage when it comes to batting average.  Albert has also walked 81
times compared to Hanley’s 63.  So of the six hitting categories,
Pujols wins out in three of them, with one (home runs) being a virtual
wash.  But let’s call the tradeoff from H-Ram to Pujols an even
exchange since steals are the scarcest category.  As for the pitchers,
Halladay is a top five fantasy option while Harang, at this point, is
hardly worth a roster spot in a standard 12 team league.  The upgrade
from Harang to Halladay is enormous.  I understand that losing H-Ram leaves very few stolen base sources, but at the same
time I can’t think of a better way to improve your pitching for the
present and future than to acquire arguably the most reliable starting
pitcher in all of baseball.

Zach Steinhorn


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