411 for Friday, 8/15

Hey folks, post your comments and questions for today here and we’ll reply throughout the day and maybe over the weekend too if I’m bored.🙂

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Finally, this week is over but there’s still next week… our good friend Jeff Erickson from Rotowire will be calling in to the show on Tuesday (8/19) so make sure to tune in for that show. Not that you wouldn’t be already, but if you need added incentive to cut class, blow off that meeting or ignore that special someone in your life, we’ll give it to you.🙂

Thanks to everyone for your continued support of the show, have a great weekend and remember… you can win or lose your league by one run, one RBI, one strikeout, etc., so manage your roster every day as if the title is on the line. It just might be!




Will Price be called up this year and if so, is he a smart pickup?

Killa, I think he will be called up at some point late this month or right after the minor league season ends, and he’ll probably be used in a very controlled relief role a la Joba next year. He should be able to hold his own in the Majors right away but I doubt he’ll be used in any situation where he could get a lot of wins or saves, so his value will be limited. Think of a hybrid between Joba ’07 and Hong-Chi Kuo this year. Valuable, but not a difference-maker so late in the season.


Hey CS,

I was just offered Maholm for I. Stewart in my 12 tm mixed. Maholm would become my 5th/6th starter…Would you do this deal or stick with POD?


Maholm is on a nice run right now but is he really the type of guy you want to trade for rather than just doing PoD? Stewart is no stud either, but .287-7-27 in 136 AB’s is very good production for a guy with 2B-3B eligibility.


Keeper question: Who do you see having a higher draft position next year and or better numbers in 09, Big Erv or Lester?
Charlie S from The Opposite Field

Im struggling in saves, I had Todd Jones until he got injured. He wasnt helping me anyway, so I picked up Broxton. Im last in my league in saves, who should I pickup? (trade deadline has passed)

Thoughts about a spot start of Ponson vs KC on Saturday?

I need better starters( best pitchers: Kzmir, Mussina) is Feilder for Hamels good or could I get more in return? Giambi would replace feilder.

Quick hits…

* Santana will probably go ahead of Lester since he got an earlier start to putting up numbers this season and therefore will probably have better counting numbers at the end of the year, but it will be close. Lester has been extremely impressive, made a believer out of me.

* Killa, if Chris Perez is available he’s obviously a must-grab. See if Matt Capps got cut and pick him up; he’s throwing well on rehab and could be back soon to reclaim the Buccos closer gig. The Indians bullpen is a mess but Jensen Lewis seems to be getting the 9th inning so give him a shot. Fernando Rodney may still close even with Jones back (Jones got hammered tonight, too). Also note that Hong-Chi Kuo has gotten two save chances since Saito went out, getting a two-inning save last night, and his overall stats make him worth a pickup anyway. Given what’s out there, you might want to think about punting saves if you can’t find any off waivers or make a fair value deal.

* GNC, I say pitch for Ponson vs. the Royals on Saturday. He’s been decent with the Yankees and it’s a very favorable matchup so if you’re chasing wins, it’s a good gamble.

* Steve, Prince for Hamels is decent but with Prince so hot of late (10 HR since All-Star) you might try to leverage a little more in that deal. I wouldn’t worry much about Hamels’ recent winless streak (now at 7 starts), but play that up to see if you can get him PLUS something else for Prince. Good luck!


Wanted to share my question to Cory, his response, then the final result to see what people think of it:

——> My trade deadline is Sunday. Should I trade Max Scherzer for Chase Headley? 16-team mixed auction, 29-man + DL + 10 minors. Both are on minors contracts, Headley is $1 this year, $2 next while Scherzer is $0 in the minors and $1 next year in the majors.

> I’m in a scramble for places 2-6, a long shot at winning, but 2-4 get paid $250-$150. Except for Lowrie & Stewart, I’ve traded away all my minors talent except Scherzer & Austin Jackson. I’ve significantly upgraded my pitching, where I can gain in QS, Wins & Saves. Starters are Hamels, CC, Jurrjens, Mussina, Myers, Wandy, Lowe. Can reasonably keep the first four.

> OF’s are Sizemore, Doumit, Damon, Rowand, Brian Giles, having lost Crawford. Where I can really gain is BA, but the likely candidates are VERY pricey and with owners who are less active or cooperative.

> For the trade: (1) Win (top four) now; (2) Prefer hitters to pitchers
> Against: (1) Is the talent equal to do it straight up? Scherzer’s a potential Cy Young while Headley will not be an MVP in San Diego. Am I stretching it on Scherzer too far? (2) Headley’s K rate. Batter K’s are a stat, but I’m slotted low there and won’t likely move much up or down. One would expect him to improve but what he’s doing is much like his history.
> Thank you so much, Allan

——> “Schwartz, Cory” wrote:

> Hey Allan, I think that’s a very solid deal. For all of Scherzer’s potential future value, the fact is that he’s a minor leaguer right now and Headley is a productive Major Leaguer. Sure, Scherzer could be a Cy Young winner, but Headley is an outstanding prospect in his own right and can now be said to be ahead of Scherzer developmentally, too. If it will help you now, I’d do it, because it should also help
you in the future. —CS

——> Cory’s response came just as I began IM negotiations with the other owner. The ultimate result: I gave up Max Scherzer (minors), Austin Jackson (minors) & Ryan Doumit ($4) to get Chase Headley ($1), Corey Hart ($12) & Ryan Spilborghs ($1). Keep in mind that minor players who move up carry high value in this format because of their salary scale. What do you think?

Thanks again for your help, Cory!

Allan, I love that deal for you. Scherzer and Jackson should both have bright futures, and Doumit is a very solid offensive catcher for $4, so you definitely gave up some good value. However, you got excellent present value with Hart and Headley, plus a nice $1 flier in Spilborghs. I think most teams tend to vastly overvalue “prospects” in keeper leagues, not because they can’t become good players, but because a) there is an endless supply of them each year and b) they distract focus from the ultimate goal, which is trying to win. If you’re always trading for prospects, you’re never going to be good enough to win now. Hart is the best player right now and will help you hopefully win now, and if you do, then almost by definition you should have enough good keepers so you don’t have to worry about prospects!


Speaking of prospects, who are the September call-ups we should be looking for? Not so much the high profile ones like a Matt LaPorta & David Price, but the less obvious ones that could make a contribution worth considering?


Thanks for the piece about Sandoval, but like Allan, I’m curious about other September call-ups that will have the most value for this year and next (for my keeper league).

Hey guys, we will probably try to put something together on this topic later this week or early next.


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