POD for Sunday-Monday


Pitch: Saundo, Miner, Mussina, Burnett, Perkins (YES!), gamble on both Vazquez and Gio, Kazmir, Dempster, Volstad, Lohse, Volquez, Ubaldo, Johan, Unit (en fuego!), Oswalt, Suppan (hot, chase win), Kershaw, Hamels


Pitch: Lester, Guthrie, Sonnanstine (hot), Duchscherer, Blackburn (YES!), Buehrle, Maine, Maholm (hot), Campillo (fading?), Sabathia (um, yeah!)


Hey Guys,

Who do you prefer: Maholm or Saundo?
Would you deal W. Taveras for either in a 12 tm league?


The profile similarly but I’d rather have Saundo… better team. Not sure either is worth dealing for though, especially a category killer like Taveras.


This is a late POD question, but what about Ponson @ home vs the Royals Saturday night?

Hey guys…I’ve got a FAAB tomorrow. Both Campillo and Maholm are available. WHo would you rather have. (i’m bidding on both of course).


Although he’s struggled his last two times out, I’d still go with Campillo for his superior K/BB ratio and better home ballpark… neither will get much run support now that Bay and Nady are gone from PIT. Maholm has been in a very nice run of late (11 of 14 QS, 68-19 K-BB ratio) but I worry that he lives on a fine line. Good luck!


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