Fave Five Sidekicks

1. Robin (aka Dick Grayson), sidekick to Batman

2. Barney Rubble, sidekick to Fred Flintstone

3. Spock, sidekick to Captain Kirk                         

4. Linus, sidekick to Charlie Brown                        

5. Garth, sidekick to Wayne

1. Chewbacca, sidekick to Han Solo

2. George Coztanza, sidekick to Jerry Seinfeld               

3. Jelly, sidekick to Peanut Butter                        

4. Eric Murphy, sidekick to Vince in Entourage             

5. Siano and Schwartz, sidekicks to Me

1. Kyle Gass from Tenacious D, sidekick to Jack Black

2. Alfred, sidekick to Batman                              

3. Willow Rosenberg, sidekick to Buffy the Vampire Slayer  

4. Millhouse, sidekick to Bart Simpson                     

5. Muttley, sidekick to Dick Dastardly


Um, Siano… Batman’s sidekick was ROBIN. Alfred was his butler. Tho I do dig Alfred and wish I had one. But Alfred only rarely accompanied Batman on capers (tho he has been known to masquerade as Batman, even tho you could still see his ‘stache. Didn’t anyone notice that?). If anything, Alfred was BRUCE WAYNE’s sidekick… but even then I would argue for Dick Grayson.

Fav sidekick: Casey Stern

Honorable mention: Jobu, sidekick of Pedro Serano

Charlie from The Opposite Field

Okay, here goes…
1. Kato, sidekick of the Green Hornet (or O.J. Simpson, depending)

2. Milk, sidekick of cereal

3. John Vukovich, sidekick of Richard Chance in “To Live and Die in LA”

4. Scottie Pippen, sidekick of Michael Jordan

5. Andy Richter, sidekick of Conan O’Brien

-Dan in LA

5. Linus- Charlie Brown
4. Casey Stern
3. Chewy- Star Wars
2. Robin- Batman
1. Barney Fife- Andy Griffeth

Robin to Batman
Semmi to Akeem in Coming To America
Tonto to The Lone Ranger
Milk to Cookies
Dr Watson to Sherlock Holmes.

Jan in Glasgow

1. Silent Bob – sidekick to Jay
2. Maynard G. Krebs – sidekick to Dobie Gillis
3. Buddy Lembeck – sidekick to Charles in Charge
4. Chewbacca – sidekick to Han Solo
5. Scooby Doo – sidekick to Shaggy (or is it the other way around?)

5 – Watson, to Sherlock Holmes
4 – Brain, to Penny from Inspector Gadget
3 – Ranch Dressing, sidekick to most foods
2 – Odie, to Garfield
1 – Chewbacca, to Han Solo

Jason in MI

Boo Boo- sidekick to Yogi
Elston Howard- sidekick to Yogi
The Beatles- sidekick to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Lays pototao chips- sidekick to the Hoagie
Smoking Jacket- sidekick to the stoagie

Great lists! Kato from Green Hornet just missed my list… I’m a big Bruce Lee fan but that’s just a little before my time. Some other great sidekicks:

Baseball — Whitey Ford, sidekick to Mickey Mantle;
Basketball — Scottie Pippen, sidekick to Michael Jordan;
Music — Joe Perry, sidekick to Steven Tyler (Richards/Jagger and McCartney/Lennon were too much of equals to consider either a sidekick);
Food — Barbeque sauce, sidekick to anything;
Celebrity — Paris Hilton’s Sidekick, which apparently was like a rolodex of A-listers and home-made porn videographers.


BTW, I’m sure Sterno won’t mind me telling you that at some point in the debate over five five sidekicks, I said to him “your ego is the sidekick to your arrogance.”

Not sure that makes a ton of sense but I thought it was funny.🙂


Great lists guys, but I love the Jobu to Serano. Brilliant.

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