Post-show blog for 8/19

No Siano again today, just little ol’ me… just think, if you had picked up Ryan Ludwick, Carlos Quentin, Cliff Lee and Edinson Volquez off waivers in the first week of the season, where your team would be right now? And on the other hand, what if you had drafted Carl Crawford, Travis Hafner, Aaron Harang and Justin Verlander? Guh! You can’t win your league on draft day but you sure can lose it…

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Thanks for the reminder… Crawford and Verlander were key pieces to a H2H team of mine, and it’s been rough. I’m miraculously still in the bye-week hunt, but I could just imagine how far ahead I’d be without the injuries to Crawford, Rollins, Zimmerman, Smoltz…

– Adam in Stl

You could pretty easily toss Bedard onto that list as well. He hasn’t blown quite as spectacularly as Harang, but Harang wasn’t third rounder.

10 team 5×5 keeper league with round values assigned to keepers. I’ve been offfered Beltran (1st round keeper) and Theriot (22nd round keeper) for a now injured Ian Kinsler (6th round keeper).

I’m in 3rd place, but with very little shot at winning the league. (15 pts behind) but I can earn back some entry fees by winning categories – I’m currently 2nd in Runs and HRs.

If I accept the offer then I have to decide between keeping Beltran and Alfonso Soriano as my 1st round keeper next year.

I’m currently playing Ian Stewart at 2B, so I’m not sure Theriot would even make the lineup.

Do I hold out for more?

Greg in Iowa.

Hey CS,

I have the 1st waiver claim in my 12 tm mixed.

Would you use that claim on Ethier who is currently on waivers? ALSO, D. Price is already available–Would you pick him up? The SP’s I am rotating now are Maholm, Bush, Floyd & Campillo. I was planning to drop Campillo to pick up Ethier and hold off on Price.


Hey Cory;

-Thank you for the July 25th show with your first two rounds for 2009. I used that list to target players in my 12 team mixed, 5×5, Fantasy Baseball mafia league.

-The two biggest nuggets I have gotten from this years shows are:

-1) Command will go before pitch velocity when a pitcher is hurt. I have John Maine, and his command is still not good. I personally think something more is wrong than they are letting on.

-2) The nugget you gave on PFx data. Velocity on the outside corner does not effect the outcome. An 85 MPH fastball and a 95 MPH fastball on the outside corner will have the same average result. That one peice of info explains how Jamie Moyer can continue to be effective.

– Jeff in Minny

Both Justin Verlander and Roy Oswalt are avaliable on the wire. My other starters are: Dice-K, Nolasco, Greinke, Parra, Pettite,& Dempster. Should I pick one of these 2 pitchers and if so, who do I drop?

Sorry for the late replies folks, it’s tough going solo! Answers, going backwards…

Killa, I would consider those two guys over Pettitte and/or Parra, but the other guys have been too good to drop. Dice-K’s ratio is scary but how can you drop a guy who’s 15-2 with a 2.77 ERA?

Jeff, agreed on the value of command. That’s the single biggest lesson that I’ve gotten from the Pfx data, and when you look at the success this year of guys like Saunders and Maholm, it’s clear that while velocity and K’s are nice, the ability to command and locate pitches is critical.

NS, I would definitely grab Ethier and I think you can let go of Campillo after his last 3 starts of 5 ER each, but his K/BB and GO/AO rates are still good enough that I think he’ll bounce back. Personally I would let go of Price, because I’m skeptical that he’ll be up soon or have a big role once he does come up, but obviously there’s a lot of buzz around him and you don’t want to get burned, whereas guys like Campillo come and go.


Greg, all things being equal, Beltran vs. Kinsler is still a tough call, but when you factor in the round value, Kinsler is much more valuable. Theriot’s speed and AVG are nice but Stewart will be 2B eligible last year and has driven in nearly a run a game since All-Star so he’s no throw-away player either. I’d hold out for more if rebuilding.


Double Duke, you are right about Bedard. You can add Victor Martinez to that list too.


In a 12 team 5×5 with QS instead of W, I have been using a roster spot for POD, using guys such as Kuroda and Scott Olsen. I stumbled upon Derek Lowe for tomorrow’s start and picked him up. Shaun Marcum is available as well, so what would you advise for the remainder of the season: pick up Marcum, hold onto Lowe, or continue with POD?

Brian in Columbus, OH

Thanks for reminding me. I had all for of those guys on my team in April but I let them all go!

Brian, I would definitely take Marcum over Lowe, but without knowing the rest of your roster, I would suggest you hold onto both for now since they are both rolling along pretty well.


Why no new blog entries for a couple of days?

Dan… Siano is out and I’m jammed up with my “day job” so not a lot of blog time, but I’m doing my best! Gonna put up something tasty in a minute…


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