POD for Sunday-Monday



Pitch:  Dice-K, Burnett, Sonnanstine, Buehrle, Slowey, Big Erv, King Felix, Anthony Reyes (gamble!), Perez, Maholm, CC, Looper (chase win), Harden, Cueto and Ubaldo (both gambles), Nolasco, Kuroda (close your eyes and hope for the best)


Pitch:  Galarraga, Meche, Weaver, Liriano, Lilly, Snell (HUGE gamble), Billingsley, Myers, Pelfrey, Haren, Peavy, Francis (gamble), Cain


Hey Cory,

In something of a continuation from the other day, you had mentioned that without knowing the rest of my rotation it was tough to judge, so I thought I would add in the rest of my rotation. Right now I’m rolling with:

Johan, Ollie Perez, Liriano, Maholm, Marcum, and I just picked up Petit for tomorrow’s start. Other than that I’ve got 4 closers. I picked up Lowe for yesterday’s great start, and then dropped him to pick up Marcum. Another option became available yesterday when someone dropped Pelfrey. Should I drop Petit after tomorrow in favor of Lowe and just stand pat afterwards?

And since I forgot, this is Brian in Columbus, OH

Brian this is a very strong bunch for a 12-team league, so you can probably afford to cut Petit. In fact, you probably have too much depth for a 12-team league because you don’t have anyone worth cutting and that reduces your flexibility!


Well, looks like this decision just became a little easier after the Jays sent down Marcum this morning! So much for riding this guy down the stretch eh?

Hey guys,

Cory, you said on the 21st that you weren’t sure how to pronounce “Feierabend.” I believe that it is “Fi’re-ah-ben[d]” (with a lift in “fire” and a soft “d”), and it means “a time for leaving (off) work, or “evening leisure.” “Feierabend machen” the verb form of the word, is “to finish work” or colloquially, “to knock off work.” Even better for PoD purposes, “Schwarzarbeit nach Feierabend” is a German phrase for “moonlighting.”

Almost makes me want to start the guy in a casual league where I’m like 35 points behind the leader.

Too bad Clayton Richard doesn’t have a few more major league starts under his belt….he has a good minor league track record, and pitched well in his last start. I need wins and strikeouts, but when trying to “fall on the ball” in ERA and WHIP, I don’t trust him against the red hot Orioles tonight, or the Red Sox in his next start.

If he pitches well against the O’s and Sox, I wonder if one of the 411 masterminds thinks he could be trusted for some September starts.


Greg in Cincy

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