Stuff and nonsense – 8/22

Hey folks sorry I haven’t been posting as much the last couple of days but with Siano out and my “day job” demanding a lot of time I haven’t been able to do much. But I’ve tried to check the comments here and there and reply to some questions when I can, so be patient with me! Anyway…

Todd in St. Louis asked on another thread if there was any resource that lists sortable player stats over multiple seasons so you can see who’s most likely to have a big September. The fine folks at have player game logs and splits for each season but not sortable, so instead check out
this (zipped) Excel file, which includes batting and pitching stats for each player for each month since 1999. For example, here are the only players who have posted a 1.000+ OPS in September in each of the last three seasons:

Ryan Howard

David Ortiz

Yep, that’s it… two whole guys. Although, to be fair, a lot of other guys have done it in each of the last two seasons. But as a Ryan Howard owner in NFBC, who badly needs RBI’s to jump from our current fourth place standing to the last “money spot” of third place, I hope this trend continues again in 2008!

By comparison, and just to point out how unpredictable and unreliable pitchers are, there is not a single pitcher in baseball who has had an ERA under 3.00 in 20 or more innings in each of the past three months of September. Not one! How lame.

Anyway, I ran this report yesterday so August ’08 statFight.jpgs are through and including games of August 20. I hope this helps you all down the stretch!

Finally, a very happy birthday today to my former college roommate and good friend Matt Roy, a devoted White Sox fan and all-around fine gentleman. Just for fun, here’s a nice picture of an NHL player by this name getting slugged around by a fellow goon.

Have a great weekend!




You’re awesome, Cory! That will keep me nice and busy this weekend.

He must be a great guy if he’s a White Sox fan! Hey, I joined up as a Facebook fan, the page looks good. Check out my photo with the yellow Supersuckers t-shirt on! Rock on, brother!
Allan in San Antonio

Thanks for the stats Cory (and the facebook friending) Do you know of anyplace that has pitcher strike percentages, or even better, minor league strike percentages?

Thanks… and hang in there with the “day job.” Don’t worry, the offseason is coming…

Not that there isn’t a two week mourning period following the end of real baseball…

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