Post-Show Blog for 8/26/08

Hey everyone,

Subbing in for Mike and Cory today so get your questions in and we’ll all give our responses throughout the afternoon.  “Fave Five ways to break up with someone” will be up on the blog tomorrow.

Also, if anyone’s interested in the results of the National Youth Baseball Championships, visit this site

Fire away!



Hey Zach,
How do you see the whole Mets outfield situation working out with Tatis and Church? I currently have Tatis and Church is an available free agent, but it looks like speculation is that he’ll be gradually worked into the lineup, possibly in a platoon with Tatis. Tatis has been productive for me, so this is all very worrisome. Should I pick up Church and see what happens? Should I dump Tatis and avoid the situation completely? Thanks.

-Dan in Los Angeles

Thanks for keeping the blog alive, Zach –

How would you rank the following players right now: Milledge, Kouzmanoff, and Nelson Cruz.

Bonus Question: What’s your opinion on Luis Ayala in the Mets bullpen?


Hey Dan,

Despite talk of Church returning in a backup role, he’s started in three of the the Mets’ four games since coming off the DL, with Tatis being the big loser in playing time. Definitely go ahead and pick up Church, but if you have the available roster spot, don’t dump Tatis just yet. Monitor the situation over the next week or so, and if this trend continues, I’d have no problem with you cutting Tatis.


chi100yrs…Kouzmanoff’s been slumping a bit of late, but I’ll still rank him first thanks to his overall season numbers and consistent production. Milledge is in the midst of a major hot streak, hitting .345 in the month of August, and though the 17 steals are nice, he’s been just too up and down to warrant the top spot. And while Cruz is clearly a guy worth keeping an eye on, especially in a keeper league, I need to see more than one game before choosing him over either Kouz or Milledge.


Hey ZS,

Some POD questions: What do you think about tonight’s Millwood vs. Greinke matchup in Kansas City? Either a solid Pitch/low risk or are both too volatile?

Also is G. Floyd @ Baltimore a Solid Start tonight?


Yes on Greinke…Struggling a bit of late and the Rangers are tough, but he’s capable of pitching a gem on any given night and was impressive (7 IP 2 ER 9 K) in his only start vs Texas this year, and that was with Kinsler in the lineup. No on Millwood. I understand it’s the Royals, but you just never know what you’re going to get from him from start to start. And when he’s bad, he’s real bad. As for Floyd, go for it. Despite some mediocre outings, overall numbers solid. If you’re chasing wins, absolutely.

Heading out for the day. It’s been a pleasure!


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