Post-Show Blog for 8/27/08

Zach here again,

Just days after we ridicule J-Roll for almost single-handedly ruining Siano’s fantasy feud week, he puts up a five-hit game, earning him the prestigious Viagra Performer of the Night award!  Go figure.  Maybe I’ll now start bashing all the guys who are underperforming on my teams and hope for a similar result.

Anyway, you know the drill.  Post your questions and we’ll get back to you.



12 team mixed vanilla keeper, we keep five. Is Ryan Doumit a keeper? I have him and Russell Martin, and we start two catchers. Since it’s such a weak spot, is it worth keeping him just to not have to worry about drafting a backstop next season?
-Dan in LA

Where is this weeks fave 5?

Keep up the great work Zack.

Jan in Glasgow.

I’ll pass on Doumit. Since it seems like a straight keeper league (no round values attached), Doumit is no lock to be a top five round guy heading into 2009. One catcher is certainly enough here. There’s gotta be four other players on your squad outside of Martin who are worth keeping. I’d opt for the more balanced roster.


Hey Guys,
12 teams vanilla. Should I drop H. Street? I have Zigler.


Sam in Jerusalem

Sam, I think it’s pretty safe to drop Street at this point. There’s only a month to go in the season and Ziegler’s been lights out. I don’t see him giving up the closer job anytime soon.


Whi is this ZS guy and how do I get his gig?


Hey Mike,

I know you’re the one who cares about appearance because you’ve always got a crisp-lookin shirt on (lookin good today! casey’s collar was lookin a little flat) but…

You’re not a beard man. You’re the one with hair on top of your head, no need to add any on the face.

Love the show!

rory in vancouver

Hey Guys;
This question goes back to the July 25th show, 2009 draft list. McLouth and Ichiro, I think they drop out of the top 24. Agree?
Jeff in Minny

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