Post-Show Blog for 8/28/08

Pretty boring day when Mark Kotsay heading to the Red Sox is the big story.  Well at least the guy is tied (with Willie Harris) for the major league lead in one category…cycles.  Does that make him fantasy relevant?  Maybe…if you’re in a 40×40 league.

But the good news is that we don’t have to talk about Mark Kotsay here!  The 411 crew is ready to take your questions.



Hey folks I am back from vacation and, once I dig out from the ~500 or so e-mails I got while I was gone, I’ll start posting some stuff. Hope you didn’t miss me too much!

In the meantime, a heads-up that Paul Greco, a friend of the 411, is competing in the Rookie Reporter contest… the winner gets to announce an inning at the World Series!

Paul’s video is in the lower left corner of this page; he is a good guy and a friend of the 411 so get out the vote!


Welcome back, sir. Can you rank the top 6 or so catchers for next season? Also, how many are keepers in a 12 team vanilla, keep five (no round values)? Will V-Mart bounce back? Will Doumit be as scary-good as a 550 at-bat projection makes him out to be?

-Dan in Los Angeles

I voted and this is some crazy stuff…The break up stuff outstanding. So in 5 years who will be the number # 1 Fantasy backstop ?

That’s interesting… wow, in 5 years? My guess would be Jeff Clement or Buster Posey, though Clement’s sad MLB hitting thus far not only hurt my team batting average, but also shook my confidence in his abilities. Posey hit .463 with 26 homers and 93 rbi in just 68 games at FSU, so color me excited.

here is the link for the catching stats to get a feel but here is how I see it.

Top 5 for





SB (take with grain of salt)


These 6 catchers are top 5 in at least 3 of the above cats (including steals)

Martin/Mauer/Doumit and Pierzynski=3

Missing for injury reason are V-Mart and Posada so keep that in mind as well.

I’ll say this is how it plays out next year with the inclusions of Martinez and Posada since even if they play 1B mostly you would be foolish to not put them at catcher in most scenarios.

1. Martin (should bounce back and didn’t have as bad a year as you think)
2. McCann (quietly very solid)
3. Mauer
4. Soto (could have Soto at 3 but mauer has done it more and they each dominate 2 stats over each other and mauer could start stealing again in 09)
5. Martinez (look at 07 stats and you’ll be reminded)
6. Posada (another year older but will produce)
7. Doumit (very exciting but will league may be ready for him)
8. Shoppach (Indians need to make room for V-Mart at 1B)
9. Pierzynski (consistent that’s for sure)
10. Take your pick. I like Kurt Suzuki in 09.


Brilliant stuff by Siano and we should also remember Matt Wieters; he is putting up unreal numbers in the minors this year and figures to get a real shot at the full-time job for the O’s next year. If he plays every day he could put up a season that would look like a Mauer/Soto hybrid, which would make him at least a top 10 at the position. Stay tuned for March while you ponder these incredible stats…


As far as Clement, I could see him cracking the top 10 over Pierzynski because of his power potential, or even guys like Posada, Shoppach or Doumit. He looks like a Posada type player at peak — .280-290, 25 homers or so — but the home ballpark, weak surrounding lineup and weak overall numbers this season (even though he may finish strong) will hold down his value. Nice to see the position showing a little depth after the David Ross years!

And let’s not forget Bengie Molina either, he’s putting up another strong season.


For what it’s worth, Clement’s top comparable on PECOTA is Helton.

Interesting comp, but I don’t recall Helton having the strikeout problems that Clement has shown so far in the majors.


Hey guy’s I was wondering if you could name which of the following hitters to keep in a 10 team h2h points league. I can keep 6 of them:

V. Martinez, Texeria, Utley, H. Ramirez, Atkins, Granderson, Bay, Burrell, Ortiz.

The obvious ones to me are Utley, Papi, Ramirez and Texeria. but who should the other 2 be? I’m leaning towards Martinez and Granderson with burrell and atkins both probably playing in less good hitters parks next year.
but what about Jayson Bay? can I trust him that 07 was a fluke? and who do I keep him instead of?

If you are wondering I am winning my league with these studs🙂

thanks, Tzvi in Israel

Tzvi, no doubt you have three slam-dunks in Tex, Utley, H.Ramirez, but after that it’s not as clear. Probably Ortiz, Granderson and Martinez are the next three, but they all have their flaws. I would suggest trying to deal from depth to upgrade from those guys.


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