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Hey folks, hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend planned, with lots of the Three B’s: baseball, barbeque and beer! Well, that last one only gp1_david_price.jpgoes for those of you in 411 land who have attained legal drinking age, and even then only if you are drinking responsibly and have a designated driver.🙂

Anway, rosters expand on Monday so maybe then we’ll finally get a look at David Price or some of the other top prospects in the minors. Brandon Wood and Travis Snider are up already so hopefully more talent will follow.

In the meantime, post your questions, comments, thoughts, opinions, rants and raves here and we’ll respond throughout the day and the weekend. Have a great one… be safe, be smart, and have fun!


P.S. — Keep those Facebook fan requests coming but please make sure to identify yourself as a 411 fan so we know who you are!



Hey guys,

I’m in a 13 team mixed 5×5, 3rd place overall (13 points out of first), trade deadline Sunday night. I lead in saves by 16, with 4 teams bunched together behind me. I’ve already traded some closers this season to help in other categories, and my bullpen now consists of Valverde, Francisco, Ayala, Rauch, and Taylor Buchholz.

Since Valverde and Francisco are the only true saves guys I have, do you think I have enough of a saves lead with 4 weeks left to trade one of these guys for other categories?

Sorry, forgot to sign my post.

Greg in Cincy

Greg, it depends on how many closers those other teams have, but I think you’ve got a good shot at holding onto your saves lead as long as the teams behind you each own three or fewer closers. That said, I’d be very hesitant to give up Valverde, the only real stable option among this group. First, try offering up any of the other guys. Dangle Valverde only as a last resort.


Im in a 14 Team H2H league and have Kinsler on my DL. Who of this group should I go with till Kinsler comes back, if at all, for the rest of the year: Punto, Kelly Johnson, Freddy Sanchez, Iwamura, Willie Harris, Uribe, belliard. There isnt much to chose from.

Pete is Dallas

Not to step on Zach’s toes, but I’d go for Sanchez. He didn’t do anything in the first half but is hitting .347 since the break and has been consistent. In my 16-team league, I acquired him as a trade throw-in early and stashed him, hoping that he would start hitting the way he can. He’s done well by me. Hitters hit! Punto and Belliard have also been hot lately but have not been anywhere near as consistent.
Allan in San Antonio

Greg, re. the closers, I agree with Zack… see if you can get anything for Ayala (a save is a save!) or Rauch, and deal Francisco if you get the right offer, since his great K rates give him increased value. But you have to hold onto Valverde to lock down that category.

Re. the 2B’s, I don’t think this is a time to worry about consistency, I’d go strictly with hot hands. If all these guys are available freely right now, grab Belliard or Harris, cash in whatever production you can get from them, and then move on. Sanchez has indeed been hot since All-Star but is essentially a one-category (AVG) player… Belliard has more pop and Harris will steal some bags. Iwamura gives a lot of runs but little else.


I bow to the Master’s superior knowledge. I forget that my league is considerably deeper than most, raising the value of many one-category guys like Sanchez. My apologies for stepping in where I shouldn’t.

Is Jason Werth going to play everyday or is he still a bench warmer?

How do you project 2B next year? Ian Kinsler and Dustin Pedroia seem to be moving up while Robinson Cano and Brandon Phillips (given high ranking) seem to be moving down. Do you think there will actually be some depth at second this year?

Allan, no problem! It’s a community.🙂

Killa… in case you haven’t noticed, Werth is already far, far more than a benchwarmer, with 21 homers and 13 steals in a little over 300 at-bats. Expect him to play nearly every day the rest of the way, although the acquisition of Matt Stairs means he might lose a few more AB’s than your average OF. Still, he’s more than productive enough to carry a roster spot in most leagues.

D.Vano, 2B depth has definitely improved thanks to the breakouts by Kinsler and Pedroia, plus another strong season by Mark DeRosa and the emergence of Alexei Ramirez. But, Upton isn’t eligible there any more, Cano is a disappointment, and guys like Kendrick, Weeks and Kelly Johnson regressed this year too. All things being equal, it’ll be better on draft day next year than this year, but not greatly so… catcher has improved more than 2B.

Happy LDW!


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