POD for Sunday-Tuesday


Brandon McCarthy is set to make his return to the bigs on Tuesday…and he’s already earned POD consideration.                                                                                                       


Pitch:  Galarraga, Halladay, Pettitte, Floyd, Shields, Millwood (gamble), Lackey, Baker, G. Smith (gamble), Cain, Arroyo, Pedro, Jurrjens (slumping), CC, Wellemeyer and Wandy (both gambles), Zambrano, Lowe, Webb


Pitch:  Verlander (risky), Danks, Lee, Jason Johnson, Johan, Sheets, Oswalt, Unit, Young (if healthy), Maddux


Pitch:  Saundo(slumping), Lester, Mussina, Garza, McCarthy (gamble), Greinke, Hamels, Dempster, Parra, Lincecum, Wainwright, Petit, Kershaw (gamble)


When u say pitch Danks for monday do u mean John Danks of the CWS? because Danks is pitching tuesday against Clevland so i was just wondering whether i should start him or not.

1 more quick question…im dying right now for some 2nd baseman help cause of the Kinsler epidemic so i was just wondering of these guys which one would help me out the most in my playoff H2H 5×5 league. i currently have Ian stewart in place of Kinsler.

Martin Prado, Willie Harris, Geoff Blum, Kelly Johnson

Thankyou for your time i always appreciate your advice.

And just wanna say how much ive benefited from it ive made trades like this at the beginning of the year… i gave Tulowitzki and I got Kinsler. Everyone in my league thought i was stupid for doing it haha.

Thanks again i look forward to the next 411.

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