Fave 5 Ballparks

Cory Schwartz    

1. Yankee Stadium

2. Wrigley Field

3. Fenway Park

4. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

5. PNC Park

Mike Siano    

1. Yankee Stadium

2. Fenway Park

3. Wrigley Field

4. Safeco Field

5. Citizens Bank

Casey Stern     

1. Fenway Park

2. Wrigley Field

3. PNC Park

4. Shea Stadium

5. Coors Field










When thinking of ballparks, the most important things for me are, in order:
1. Ability to view the game (lines of site)
2. Ability to experience the game (atmosphere)
3. Ability to incorporate the outside world (surrounding area, city-scapes, etc…)
4. Ability to enjoy the game (no angry Philly fans)

That said, my top five parks:

1. PNC – Beautiful backdrop of Downtown Pitt
2. Camden Yards – The brick out in RF and great LoS
3. Wrigley – The glory of the Ivy
4. Fenway – great park, especially for the atmosphere, but 1% of the seats are obscured, and the seats themselves hurt your body. OF bleachers are great though. Gotta love the Citgo Sign
5. Chase Field – underrated in my opinion, but go when the screens and roof are open, there isn’t a bad seat in the house, and the fans are cordial.

I can really only give my top three, since I haven’t been to many:
1) Wrigley Field – first game that I remember going to, SO much character; nothing like it
2) Old Comiskey Park – my first ballgames as a child, had a lot of that old stadium feel with the columns and the brick
3) Coors Field – beautiful modern ballpark within view of the mountains
Allan in San Antonio

Here’s why I ranked mine the way I ranked them:

1. Yankee Stadium — the Roman Coliseum of baseball. When the Yankees are doing well, this place gets louder and more energized than any other ballpark I’ve ever been to. Plus, I worked there, so unlike some of the other old ballparks, it feels “classic” rather than just “old”.

2. Wrigley Field — incredible atmosphere, a beautiful field, beautiful views… perhaps the most “scenic” of all ballparks, at least before the boom started in the early 90’s by OPACY.

3. Fenway Park — Wrigley Field but filthy.

4. Oriole Park at Camden Yards — the first of the new/retro ballparks, the first one to really integrate with the surriounding neighborhoods, rather than just being a cookie-cutter circle stuck in the middle of a bunch of highway offramps (like Shea, the Kingdome, the Vet, New Comiskey, etc). A great place to “take in” a game rather than just sitting and watching.

5. PNC Park — my favorite of all ballparks since OPACY. Great sightlines and seating, plus the view over CF is probably unmatched by any other ballpark in the league.

My two cents.


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