Post Show Blog For 9/3/08

Sorry I couldn’t make the show today but it’s getting hairy in Multimedia and I just couldn’t pull it off today. Not sure what September brings for me but you are in tremendous hands with Sterno and Schwartz. Let’s get some questions going………Siano


how come nobody answered the vulture win question? Bird scares you?

I’ll take a shot…
In my mind, basically a “vulture” win is anytime a reliever gets a W that, from a fairly objective observer, he didn’t deserve as much as another pitcher.

This could be when a reliever blows a lead (and another pitcher’s or pitchers’ hard work), yet gets bailed out by the offense. Or maybe when a lefty specialist comes in to get the last out of the 7th inning of a 1-1 game, only to be pinch-hit for in the 8th and have his team score some runs to get a lead. Clearly the SP did all the heavy lifting, but the 1-out reliever gets the victory.

A reliever tossing more than one or maybe two innings wouldn’t be “vulturing” a win in my mind, unless he blows a lead and gets the W because of the offense. A two or three inning scoreless relief outing is a “killer” win, not a “vulture” win, by my definition. So a long reliever wouldn’t get a lot of vulture wins, but a one-inning reliever who routinely blows leads yet gets bailed out by his team’s good hitters (see Gagne, Eric) would routinely get vulture wins.

And yes, that bird is freaky.

-Dan in Los Angeles

With Big Z’s arm in question, who’s the best option for Sepembert?
Marcum, Baker, Morrow or Garza
Charlie from The Opposite Field

I don’t know where the “t” in September went. Also add Josh Johnspn to the list.

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