Post-Show Blog for 9/4/08


While the 2008 season is far from over, you can’t help but start thinking about ’09.  Will Carroll was on the show today, and one of the topics he discussed was Joba Chamberlain’s anticipated return to the relief role.  Chamberlain’s draft position next year, especially if he goes into Spring Training as a reliever, will be in my mind one of the more intriguing stories heading into the season. 

But hopefully, your teams are still in contention.  Let’s finish off this year first!  We’ll be here all afternoon to answer questions.



With Big Z’s arm in question, who’s the best option for September?
Marcum, Baker, Morrow, Josh Johnson or Garza
Charlie from The Opposite Field

Despite his inconsistency in the month of August, I have to go with Garza. He’s been pitching well all year and plays for a good team. Johnson, who has the better ERA and K rate, would be my second choice, but I’ll take the guy with the more extensive body of work.


FYI everyone, there’s a great thread goin on the 411’s facebook discussion board about favorite 411 moments.
-Dan in LA

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