#$%$#@#%&*()(^$###%^&* Huge Quentin News





            CHICAGO – Chicago White Sox outfielder Carlos Quentin will undergo surgery Monday morning, September 8, to have a screw inserted into his fractured right wrist.


            The surgery, which will take place at Rush University Medical Center, will be performed by team hand and wrist specialists, Dr. Mark Cohen and Dr. John Fernandez, and White Sox lead orthopedic surgeon Dr. Charles Bush-Joseph of Midwest Orthopedics at Rush University.


            Quentin, who leads the American League with 36 home runs and is hitting .288 (138-480) with 100 RBI, will have his wrist re-evaluated in two to three weeks to determine how the healing process has progressed.


            Quentin suffered the injury to his right wrist during Monday’s game in Cleveland.  He returned to Chicago on Wednesday for evaluation and treatment by Dr. Bush-Joseph and Dr. Cohen, and a decision to insert the screw was made last night.



kill me……..siano

Its bad news for me on one of my teams now. Argh.

Mike, just think positive thoughts atm, in the 411 football league your beating Schwartz.

Jan in Glasgow.

Yeah, I feel ya Mike. Just lost Kinsler in my H2H league, and now Quentin. I need a drink. Or ten.
-Dan in LA

Ugh, guess we can talk keepers now.

Quentin or Bruce?

Todd in St. Louis

rumor has it he injured it punching a locker

and we all see how well punching lockers has done for Khalil Greene this year.

Seriously though, getting hit by 20 pitches in a season and for 6 games in a row is rough. Quentin was bound to break some bone in a hand or wrist eventually.

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!!!!! I lost quentin now after losing both Kinsler and Longoria!!!!

Does anyone kno of any good 2nd basemans i could possibly pick up and OF”s..please help me :,o(

Quentin admitted yesterday that the injury was caused by hitting himself with his own bat.

“My last at-bat, the second pitch I fouled off against (Cliff) Lee. Something I’ve done thousands of times since I was a kid — a little frustrated. I had the bat in my left hand, and I just kind of hit down on the bat head with my right hand with a closed fist. I kind of hit a little bit low, nicked my wrist and finished the at-bat.”

I still keep him over Bruce.


I lost Crawford earlier but pulled off a last-minute trade for Corey Hart at the deadline, and have been lucky to dodge the major injury bug. It’s my competitors who are suffering! But as a Chisox fan, I’m more concerned about my teams’s chances for winning in real life.
Allan in San Antonio

Oh man. Quentin was saving my fantasy team with his recent outburst and now he’s hurt. This sucks!

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