Post-Show Blog for 9/5/08

Thanks to Casey for reminding me on today’s show that I own Ian Kinsler in all four of my leagues.  Oh well, at least I can free up a roster spot for some late season pitching and ditching.  Welcome, Paul Maholm! 

You know the deal.  Ask and we’ll answer.



12 team points league. I have Loney in right now, but Votto is starting to heat back up. Can I justify riding Votto this coming week or is Loney a better option? I like Loney’s consistency, but when Votto hits.. he really hits. Playoffs start next week So I’m really undecided. Thanks

Ed in Chi

Ed…Call me conservative, but I’d stick with Loney. It’s true that Votto has been on a tear of late, but it’s not like Loney is fading (.331 AVG since All-Star break). In the playoffs, go with the guy who’s been the most consistent. One bad week and your season is over!


Is Gallardo coming back at all? Should I drop him? I dnt want any of my top competition to grab him and stash him if there is any possibility of him coming back.

Aaron in Houston

Sep 3 : Gallardo, who has been sidelined since May 1st with a torn anterior cruciate ligament, is throwing batting practice and simulated games, however it is unlikely that he will return to action this season since the minor league affiliates’ seasons are almost finished and he would not be able to perform a rehab assignment, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports.

I’m in a 20 team mixed keeper league head to head vanillla categories.

Trade deadline has passed and I’m currently in 2nd place on a by week for playoffs. We get to keep 2 players and can contract for 2 more. We also get a bonus keeper of either a rookie or else a veteran with an overall yahoo rating over 300. And when we contract, we pay real money for the contract value each year which is added to the pot for the winners so most contracts are for minimal amounts and really are treated as “cheap keepers.” (I’m not willing to shell out $30 to keep Beckett pitching for me.)

I’m looking at who I should keep/contract for next year.

Giambi, Vernon Wells, Jason Werth, Ian Stewart, Marlon Byrd- $1
Josh Beckett-$30
Cliff Lee-$10
B. Fuentes-$6
Parra, Wellemeyer, J. Johnson, Paul Byrd-$1

I’m leaning towards:

Ian Stewart is a rookie so I’ll free keep him
Contract: Wells and Johnson at $1
Keep: Damon
And I can’t figure out what to do for my last keep. Kendrick seems to be a health risk but then so are Beckett and Zambrano.

Aaron, Gallardo has been throwing regularly and is expected to make it back before the end of the season, but probably only as a reliever. Still, that could mean a setup role or even a few saves if Torres continues his hot-and-cold act, so he is an excellent stash if you have a DL spot.


16-team 7×7 keeper league with 29-man rosters plus minors. Very deep, must trade to improve. Batter K’s, OBP, Holds and QS are the extra cats. In 1st place, but past the trade deadline, team is set, so not much to do other than pray I haven’t peaked too early and look at what to do for next year. Season cap is $300 but draft cap is $260. Also, salaries escalate by $5, so I have to make some moves. What would you do with the following players (2009 salary & my inclination in parens)?
Teixeira – $38 (keep)
Utley – $40 (trade)
Sizemore – $38 (keep)
Hart – $17 (trade)
Damon – $13 (trade?)
Rowand – $10 (release)
F Sanchez – $9 (release)
Jesus Flores – $4 (keep?)
Iannetta – $4 (keep?)
Doumit – $9 (keep)
Hamels – $22 (keep)
Sabathia – $23 (keep)
Lowe – $16 (???)
Brett Myers – $17 (release?)
Gregg – $9 (keep)
Lidge – $20 (keep)
Wagner – $26 (trade or release)
Balester – $2 (rookie contract) (keep if I don’t need the roster spot this year)
Allan in San Antonio

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