Post-Show Blog for 9/9/08


On today’s show, Rick Wilton of said that he thinks the Cards will shut down Albert Pujols as soon as they’re officially eliminated from playoff contention.  While Pujols owners have already gotten more production than expected, losing him at this crucial time hurts big time, especially for those of you in head to head leagues (see my previous post!)

The Cardinals’ elimination number for the NL wild card stands at 15.  Let the countdown begin.



My opponent for the last two weeks of the season has Pujols and Quentin. I lost Kinsler to balance Quentin, but maybe the Cards will get demolished over the next week or two…

Keeper question:

10-team, H2H, Mixed. Each team can keep 4 players (for up to 3 years) with keeper value being the prior years round value +1. (So, I drafted CC in 2007 in the 10th round, kept him for 2008 as my 9th rd pick and will definitely keep him with my 8th pick in 2009)

Now I need to determine 3 additional keepers so that I know who’s undroppable for the rest of the way as I fight for the flag.

Thoughts from the list below?:

(player – 2009 round value)

Kinsler – 10
Pence – 12
Votto – 13
Dunn – 3
Nathan 7
Grienke – 16
Kershaw – 13
Pelfrey – 13
McCann – 6

I’ll go Kinsler, Votto, Kershaw. Kinsler’s injury history is a bit concerning, but his power/speed combination at the 2B position is extremely valuable. Giving up a 10th rounder for him is a steal! Choosing the other two is tough. It’s always nice to own a top tier catcher, but I really don’t see McCann going that much earlier than the 6th round in a 10 team league. I give Votto the slight edge over Pence due to his greater power potential, and Kershaw has the most upside of the starters. If you choose to keep Nathan in place of either Votto or Kershaw, that’s fine too. Considering that he’s one of the few lock down closers, holding onto him for a 7 might not be a bad idea.


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