Post-Show Blog for 9/10/08


We all know that Pat Burrell is one of the most streaky players in the majors.  I went into this season targeting Burrell as someone who could provide great value considering his projected draft position and the contract year factor.  Right now, I’m paying for my optimism.  2008 looks to be the same old story as 2007, but reversed.


Pre All-Star:   .215 AVG  11 HR  37 RBI  .408 SLG  .786 OPS
Post All-Star: .295 AVG  19 HR  60 RBI  .590 SLG 1.010 OPS


Pre All-Star:    .275 AVG  23 HR  57 RBI  .575 SLG  .979 OPS
Post All-Star:  .212 AVG    7 HR  20 RBI  .394 SLG  .696 OPS

On today’s show, Cory recommended benching Burrell.  Maybe it’s because I’ve always loved the guy, but I just can’t do it!  A daily lineup league is a different story, but this is a weekly money league, with the top three receiving the cash.  I’ve been bouncing between second and third and a mere 1.5 points separate second from fourth.  I’m positive that the moment I decide to bench Pat the Bat, he’ll go on to have one of those 5 HR 12 RBI weeks.  So I’m riding it out.  These are the kinds of decisions that torment us all as the season winds down.

Hopefully, we can help you make the right ones!


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