Post-Show Blog for 9/11/08 + Upcoming Show Sked


So on the morning of August 20th, I decided that I had enough of Bronson Arroyo’s inconsistent ways.  I stuck with Bronson up until that point and was just never able to figure him out, starting him in his worst outings and missing out on his best ones.  By cutting him, I’d never again have to make these decisions only to second guess myself afterwards. 

Not surprisingly, in five starts since, Arroyo has gone on to post a 4-0 record to go along with a 1.24 ERA and 1.10 WHIP.

Never again will I own Bronson Arroyo.  He might have exited the 411’s Club DTM, but he’s got a permanent place in mine!

Post your comments and questions here.


Also, here’s the schedule for the upcoming 2009 rankings shows:

9/12: Top 10 Catchers heading into 2009

9/15: Top 10 1B heading into 2009

9/16: Top 10 2B heading into 2009

9/17: Top 10 SS heading into 2009

9/18: Top 10 3B heading into 2009

9/19: Top 10 Closers heading into 2009

9/22: Top 20 Outfielders heading into 2009

9/23: Top 20 Starters heading into 2009

9/24: All Surprise Team for 2008

9/25: All Disappointment Team for 2008

9/26: All Fantasy Team for 2008 plus Fantasy MVP and Cy Young




I almost drove off the road when you referenced Chuck Woolery in yesterday’s show. For me, the cultural reference to end all cultural references.

“Back in two and two!.”

What does that even mean?!?

Thanks for rockin’ the 411,

Charles in DC

All Top 10’s are not created equal. It would be useful to see which positions one might prefer to draft first because of quality or scarcity. One way to do this would be to indicate the distribution of draft rounds within the top 10. For example, at 1B, the top 4 guys would go in the first 2 rounds, and the next 4 by round 4. At 2B, you could expect the top 2 to go 1st round but the next 8 wouldn’t be worthy of the top 8 rounds. Or maybe just lump the positions into “plentiful” and “scarce” based on the players you see in the top 10 next year (and is there any depth after that?).
Allan in San Antonio

Hey guys,

I know Cory has brought this up before in the comments, but one of our friends of the show, Paul Greco, only has three days left in his chance to cover the World Series and become MLB’s Rookie Reporter.

If you get a chance please vote for our buddy once a day this weekend. Your VOTE does matter here. There’s no electoral college that can screw this up.

Vote for Paul here :

Jason from San Antonio too…What up Allan


Hey guys,

10 team keeper 5×5 vanilla; 2 UT spots. Need help w/my last keeper, please advise. I’m including the list that I’m keeping just to see if you’d replace any of my choices. Thanks as always, oh & please ring the bells for me. After back to back championships I’ll most likely finish between 4-7th this year.

1. Carlos Lee (OF), 2. Derrick Lee (1B), 3. Jimmy Rollins (SS), 4. Mags Ordonez (OF), 5. Russell Martin (C), 6. Garrett Atkins (1B-3B), 7. Willy Taveras (OF), 8. Shane Victorino (OF), 9. Francisco Rodriguez (CL), 10. ?????

Victorino is on the fence for me. Names to consider for last spot: Alexei Ramirez, Michael Young, Carlos Pena, Jason Giambi, Hideki Matsui, Mat Gamel, Brad Ziegler, Salomon Torres, Grant Balfour, Jensen Lewis & Ben Sheets. I’m leaning towards Pena on this list.

Shannon in KY

Also, I agree w/Allen about position scarcity, however, I think discovering which positions are thinner than others is part of the the fun of the pre-draft analytical process. For me personally, over the last few years I’ve tried to make sure that certain positions are filled w/top tier players early in my drafts. For example, I always make sure that I have a TT catcher, TT shortstop & 2 TT closers early on even though most closers go later in the draft. I’ll usually start looking for my closers in the 4-7th rounds. I got F-Rod in every league I was in b/c I took him early & he’s worth 2 of any other closers.

I usually look for 1B & OF in later rounds & always go for Starting pitchers last. You can always survive w/waiver wire pitchers. This year in my main 2 leagues I got Volquez, Cl.Lee, Mussina, Bheurle, Nolasco, Arroyo, E.Santans & Dempster off the WW this season & they’ve served me as well as any I could’ve drafted as I finished in 1 & 2cd in all pitching categories.

Shannon in Ky

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