Post-Show Blog for 9/12/08 + Catcher Rankings

On today’s show, we kicked off our series of 2009 positional rankings, starting with the catchers.  From now through September 23rd, I’ll be posting the 2009 rankings along with our rankings from last year so we can see just how much things have changed.  Feel free to post your own rankings, comments, and of course, general questions.


    2008                                           2009

Russell Martin                             Russell Martin   
Victor Martinez                            Brian McCann
Brian McCann                             Geovany Soto
Jorge Posada                              Joe Mauer
Joe Mauer                                   Victor Martinez
Bengie Molina                              Chris Iannetta
Kenji Johjima                               Ryan Doumit
Jason Varitek                               Kelly Shoppach
A.J. Pierzynski                             Jorge Posada
Jarrod Saltalamacchia                  Matt Wieters


Thanks for that information. Just a question i have in regards to 2 catcher leagues. My keeper league is a 2 catcher league. What are the lower ranked catchers, you think should be avoided or would make a decent #2 for next season? What is Pudges value for the 09 season?

Jan in Glasgow.

I love top 10 lists like this. These next 2 weeks will be great to watch. My question is about Beltre & BJ Upton.
First, Beltre was going to be out for the year, but he batted last night. I can’t find anymore info on him about the injury and if he will continue playing. Anyone have any more info on him? I have a decision to make since it’s a weekly league. On that same note, BJ Upton hasnt played a game since Sept. 8th. That means he has amassed Zero points for me as well this week in addition to Beltre. Just looking for info on these guys if possible. This is the first round of my playoffs, and without them, athough I should win due to pitching, I dont want this to happen next week.

Thanks! Ed in Chi

Ed, this from about Beltre:
Adrian Beltre was told he needs surgery for a torn ligament in his left thumb, but he intends to keep playing for now.

It was recommended that he undergo the surgery right away in an effort to guarantee that he’d be ready for 2009. However, he could wait the extra 2 1/2 weeks and still would likely be 100 percent for spring training. “I’m debating,” he said. “What I really want to do is finish the year, then do it. Everyone’s against me, and wanting me me to do it before then. I don’t really want to. I truly want to finish the season, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I’m debating when to do it. I want to have enough timne to be 100 percent sure I’m going to be 100 percent by spring training. If I finish the season, it would be a really tight schedule to have surgery and be ready. It would take me to January and February. That’s cutting it too close. I’m not really sure what to do yet.” Sep. 11 – 8:45 pm et.

As for Boss Man Jr, I have him in two leagues. He might return as soon as this weekend.

Hope that helps!
Charlie S.

Jan…It’ll be interesting to see where Pudge lands up next year, but as long as he remains a close to everyday player, he’ll serve as an adequate #2 catcher. Unless you take two catchers very early in the draft (an idea I’m not particularly fond of given the many new names on the above 2009 list), regular at-bats is really all you can ask out of your second catcher.

Ed…I’m in the same boat as you, owning Beltre in a weekly lineup league. This story might (or might not) help! &content_id=3459711&vkey=news_sea&fext=.jsp&c_id=sea

Looks like we’ll have to wait a few days but hopefully the decision will be made BEFORE the next scoring period.

As for Upton, he left Monday’s game early with a strained left quadriceps and is listed as day-to-day. He’ll likely return to the lineup tonight, but even if he doesn’t, Upton seems like a safe play for next week. ZS

Nice job by Charlie there!


Thanks guys, much appreciated!

the rankings are cool and all, but my question would be are the top tier of 3 (Martin, McCann, Soto) going to be considered 3rd rounders in a standard 12 team 5X5?

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