Post-Show Blog for 9/15/08 (1B Rankings)

Here’s the first base rankings comparison.  Fairly similar lists with M-Cab and Youkilis replacing Pena and Konerko.  Pena hasn’t been the total bust many (including myself) predicted, but we all knew he was overvalued, and that .244 AVG is ugly.  Konerko, assuming he plays every day, could be a sleeper heading into ’09, someone who will slip quite a bit in drafts.  Despite his impressive numbers, I won’t be targeting Youkilis.  Look for all those Red Sox fans to take him too early, and focus on someone else!

Let us know what you think, and keep those questions coming.


   2008                       2009                         
Albert Pujols            Albert Pujols
Prince Fielder           Lance Berkman
Ryan Howard           Ryan Howard
Lance Berkman        Miguel Cabrera
Justin Morneau         Mark Teixeira
Mark Teixeira            Prince Fielder
Carlos Pena             Justin Morneau
Adrian Gonzalez       Kevin Youkilis
Paul Konerko           Adrian Gonzalez
Derrek Lee               Derrek Lee


Does that make Gonzalez a keeper in 5 keepers (12 teams mixed) leagues?

I’d say probably not due to the unfavorable home park and the depth at the position, but it really depends on your other options. I see Gonzalez as a sixth round type player…just on the edge of keeper status.


Would Aubrey Huff make the top 15? 20? How about Travis Hafner, Jason Giambi?

Mike, Cory, Casey, and Crew –

Thanks for another great year of content – your insight helped me to Semi-final matchups in two 12-team H2H leagues (I lost both and am playing for 3rd, unfortunately… oh well, those are sort of a coin flip), a dominating win in an AL-only, and a firm grip on second place in a standard 12-team mixed.

I’ll be looking forward to the pre-season content next year!

– Adam in STL

Hey guys,

I’m competing in the finals of my big money H2H keeper league this year, and due to our salary structure, I am going to have to do some rebuilding next season. How do you readjust the first base list for 2010, or 2011? Is anybody up there too old two be a player I can build around?

Into the home stretch we go. Nice to see the lists again!

Tom in Class in Boston

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