Post-Show Blog for 9/16/08 (2B Rankings)

With all due respect to our outstanding trio of S’s, I don’t really understand why Rickie Weeks is so high on this year’s list.  The guy’s having a worse season than last year and wasn’t even among the 2008 top 10.  I guess it’s based on potential more than anything else, along with Upton’s loss of second base eligibility and Kent’s pedestrian year.  I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that no Weeks owner is leading their league in average.  I’m one of them, and sit dead last in that category.

Zach Steinhorn

   2008                                2009

Chase Utley                      Chase Utley
Brandon Phillips                 Ian Kinsler
B.J. Upton                         Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts                    Brandon Phillips
Dan Uggla                         Dustin Pedroia
Robinson Cano                  Dan Uggla
Ian Kinsler                         Rickie Weeks
Jeff Kent                            Howie Kendrick
Howie Kendrick                  Robinson Cano
Freddy Sanchez                 Alexei Ramirez

***Also a reminder that the final 411 chat of the season will take place on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th at 11:30 AM ET (after the show) and will run for about 90 minutes.

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