Post-Show Blog for 9/17/08 (SS Rankings)

On to the shortstops. 
Despite his place on these lists (7th on both), Furcal’s the
obvious pick here as a guy who could hang around longer than he should in
drafts.  Unfortunately, not everyone
watches the 411!  Hitting atop that emerging
Dodgers lineup, especially if Manny stays, Furcal will score a ton of runs
while swiping 35+ bags.  I always like to
get speed out of the shortstop and second base positions so I can focus on power
outfielders.  Furcal’s been a longtime favorite
of mine, as outside of the elite names you see below  (H-Ram, Reyes, Rollins), he’s the only one who
fits that profile.


Agree?  Disagree?  Have any questions completely unrelated to
this?  Let’s hear it!




 2008                                                2009                                                

Hanley Ramirez                               Hanley
Jose Reyes                                      Jose
Jimmy Rollins                                   Jimmy Rollins
Derek Jeter                                      Derek
Carlos Guillen                                  Jhonny
Troy Tulowitzki                                 Michael Young
Rafael Furcal                                    Rafael
Edgar Renteria                                 Troy Tulowitzki
Miguel Tejada                                   J.J. Hardy
Michael Young                                  Stephen Drew




I thik Jed Lowrie will crack the Top 10 next year. Look at the lineup he’s in, very similar situation to Pedroia last year. He may not drive in runs at the clip he is now, but clearly he’s got some pop and will be a solid player for years to come. I’m not sold on Peralta, Hardy & Drew. They all have power, but have been too erratic and unpredictable from year to year.
Allan in San Antonio

Agreed for the most part. Peralta and Hardy are fine MI’s, but like I said, I want the speed. If these guys DON’T hit 20+ homers, their value is limited. As for Drew, he’s not someone I’ll specifically target, but if he falls in my lap, that’s fine. A bit more upside than the other two in that we’ve yet to see his ceiling. As for Lowrie, I’m on board!


I’ll wait to take Peralta, Young, or Jeter next year in a later round instead of Rollins. He gave me an ulcer this year. I think I over-valued him as I did the same with Cano & BJ Upton. Next year will definitely be a different story. 3 of the laziest players in baseball will not be on my team next year.
Ed in Chi

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