Post-Show Blog for 9/18/08 (3B Rankings)

I ‘m in full agreement with what was said on today’s show.  Third base is loaded.  If you can’t get A-Rod, Wright, or Ramirez, definitely wait as long as possible to take a third baseman.  As much as I like Longoria, who I own in a long-term keeper league, he’ll almost certainly be selected very early, maybe even within the top three rounds.  Now can Longoria perform at a third round level in 2009?  Absolutely.  But it’s also possible he disappoints relative to where he’s drafted.  In a single season league, I’d much rather snag Adrian Beltre in the 10th round and use my third round pick on someone at another position with a proven track record of elite production.  You could even take this a step further and pick an Eddie Encarnacion or Ryan Zimmerman, young players with upside who could easily crack the top 10 next year. 

Feel free to chime in on this subject or any other.


     2008                                    2009

Alex Rodriguez                      Alex Rodriguez
David Wright                         David Wright
Ryan Braun                           Aramis Ramirez
Miguel Cabrera                     Chipper Jones
Garrett Atkins                       Evan Longoria
Aramis Ramirez                    Garrett Atkins
Adrian Beltre                        Mark Reynolds
Ryan Zimmerman                  Adrian Beltre
Chone Figgins                       Chone Figgins
Chipper Jones                       Troy Glaus


Astounding depth at this position. I wonder if Matt Gamel is in the mix next season as well. Any other 3B prospects worth watching for 2009?
-Dan in LA

Aubrey Huff?

does Miguel Cabrera still eligible for 3rd base???

does Miguel Cabrera still eligible for 3rd base???

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