Post-Show Blog for 9/19/08 (Closer Rankings)

Closers, closers, closers.  Aside from the elite guys, there’s a significant amount of turnover here.  This is why I’ll always target a Papelbon/Rivera/Nathan/K-Rod and after that, not worry about the position too much.  Make sure you draft at least two of them with solid job security, but your second one doesn’t have to be a big name.  Soria’s a perfect example.  Sure the Royals don’t win a lot of games, but his peripherals last season were outstanding.  Save opportunities tend to vary quite a bit from year to year, so I’m not at all surprised that he’s emerged as a top tier option.  Don’t panic if you can’t draft a third closer.  Plenty emerge during the season.  As long as you constantly monitor all these developments, being competitive in the saves category shouldn’t be all that difficult.  

    2008                                        2009               

Francisco Rodriguez                 Jonathan Papelbon                                                          Joe Nathan                              Mariano Rivera        
Takashi Saito                           Joe Nathan    
J.J. Putz                                   Francisco Rodriguez   
Billy Wagner                            Joakim Soria          
Mariano Rivera                        Brad Lidge
Jonathan Papelbon                 Jose Valverde
Bobby Jenks                            Kerry Wood
Francisco Cordero                   Brian Fuentes
Jose Valverde                          Francisco Cordero     


i was trying to download yesterdays vodcast of the show and its not working the link on the podcast page on Any chance of getting it fixed. Thanks.

Jan in Glasgow.

Try it now, Jan. It was mislabeled in the file.


Hey guys, great show as always.

(1) I would love to have Joe Sheehan on every day!

(2) The other day Cory pronounced Mariner’s Ryan Feierabend in a pretty interesting way. “Feierabend” in itself is a correctly spelled german word and being from Ohio Ryan is certainly of german descent. The word actually means something like “happy hour” or at least “end of a working day” and you pronounce it “FIRE-awe-bend”.

(3) Finally my question, as you guys preview 2009:
This year I have played my first ever fantasy baseball: a 10 team H2H 5×5 league over at ESPN and I’m WINNING it!🙂 Yeah! Of course, I do listen to you guys on a daily basis.

Now I want more and possibly different in 2009. But where do I turn to?
Where do I get a good overview of available formats and providers and stuff of what is going on on the fantasy baseball market? Could you provide me and the listeners with your personal favourites?

Again, kudos, have a great weekend,
Thorsten from Duesseldorf, Germany,

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